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Study Abroad Students

Myrtle Said:

How do study abroad students afford to party every night?

We Answered:

Ok welll obviously if your studying 'abroad' your parents are loaded up the *** and their paying.. So if they can afford to go to some fancy school in germany or spain or japan, I'm sure they can spend a lot on drinks and partying. And also if their studying abroad, they must be intelligent and well balanced, right? So if they are accordingly soooo, then they'll be able to work their schedule out, and manage to get to class. :) Answer mine, thanks…

Christine Said:

What is the best way to reach Study Abroad Students?

We Answered:

Colleges & High Schools are your best bet. Contact college's Departments of International Study and see if they'd recommend the book. Advertise in magazines and websites related to study-abroad. Shouldn't be too hard to find a bunch of those.

Bobbie Said:

where can I find a full-time job advising students about study abroad?

We Answered:

Whenever you go to a university or college, one of the first people you will meet is an academic counselor. These are people who advise new students about particular courses of study that the student might be interested in. At my college, we have a study abroad director, who is in contact with just about every nation in the world at one time or another. He advises strictly about study abroad programs.
If you have already done study abroad, do it again! You need lots of experience to get the study abroad director's job. You also need at least a masters degree. Good luck!

Anita Said:

Is it true that transfer/study abroad students coming to UK university must take a difficult math/science exam?

We Answered:

yes absolutely

Hazel Said:

Irish and study abroad students?

We Answered:

I live in Cork and most people take very well to tourists......especially Americans!!
Most Irish people are just interested in where you are from and start talking to you

Violet Said:

Are there any cal states that let students study abroad in countries such as korea/japan?

We Answered:

Of course, all cal states. I went as a Junior. Studying abroad for a year was even cheaper than living in San Francisco and going to school (unless you live with your folks). All units earned abroad were counted toward my degree. There is a link to their study abroad video here:

Check out CSU (cal state university) websites too:

Bobby Said:

Any tips for study abroad students?

We Answered:

It is customary for visitors in Europe to bring a small gift. I have found that 100% real maple syrup is good because it is uncommon in Europe and they like it a LOT more than any other American food product. Other than that, something particular to your region, city, or college might be good. Something that identifies it as being particular to you is great. Don't go too overboard though.

A thank you card would be a nice additional touch.

You don't HAVE to eat meals or attend religious rituals or whatnot, but you ARE there to learn about the culture (I hope!), so it makes sense to experience some of these things. You might be surprised to learn that some of these "mundane" things grant greater insight into your studies or they might just be interesting experiences. Still, I'm not saying you need to convert or anything. Just learn about the people you are living with. It's polite and educational. If, on the other hand, you want to offend your hosts, demand that they change to your ways and belittle their own.

Dealing with culture shock: Set reasonable goals for yourself. Don't try too hard or set unobtainable standards. In fact, set low expectations for yourself at first - easily obtainable goals that will allow you to have some early successes. For example: instead of expecting instant language mastery, set a goal of learning a set number of new words each day. KEEP A JOURNAL! This is great because it allows you to record your progress and look back and recognize your accomplishments.

Stay in touch with people back home. For example, I realized too late that if I wanted to be an RA the next year I would have had to know when the application process was happening (January!) and arrange a telephone interview. I learned this in March... Yech!

A sure sign of culture shock is forming a cultural clique where you just hang out with people from your own country. One step down is just hanging out with expatriots - other foreigners. I'm not saying beat off all potential fellow citizens or fellow foreign students, but it is important to work on making friends from the country that you are visiting.

Make sure you pay attention in any cultural briefings or locale briefings. They provide important information like where not to be wandering out alone at night or whether it's safe to drink the water. I had some friends learn some of these things the hard way.

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