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Study Abroad Switzerland

Laura Said:

study abroad: cha-am, thailand; geneva, switzerland; or vienna, austria?

We Answered:

well first off i don't think you should make price an issue. i kno it's expensive, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. i think it's worth it to save a little on other things but binge on this - seriously it'll be a great experience and shouldn't be limited by cost.

that being said, if you really want to graduate asap and need the credits that much, still go w/ thailand. for example, if you'd be stuck in school for another year w/o that credit, then go there. so i guess it depends how badly you want out.

but, i think you should go to a french-speaking country. wouldn't it be awesome using the language you've been taking? iono. i'd love that. it'd be daunting at first, b/c you realize how little you actually know, but it's a good learning experience.

so for me, i'd say the french-speaking cities, unless you really really really really need that credit. have fun! =)

Phillip Said:

should i study abroad in Switzerland or Belgium?

We Answered:

Zurich is amazing! You'd love it!
Freibourg is also wonderful, but much smaller.
Remember though, there is a great mass transit system in Europe so you're pretty close to everywhere.

Cynthia Said:

Graphic Design Study Abroad in Japan, Italy, Spain, or Switzerland?

We Answered:

just google on or google.sp those are apanish sites u will find something

Alan Said:

Study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, or London, England?

We Answered:

Well I have lived and studied in two European countries, lived in a third and travelled to most (including all of your mentioned cities), so can work with this as background.

Geneva is a lovely city and very international and multi-national friendly. English is widely spoken and actually a lot of expats live and work in Geneva for international organisations. So if this is your fear (about the lack of English) then don't worry

Brussels - nice city but not really my kind of city, there was something missing for me, difficult to put my finger on it. I just found it a bit cold and missing of a certain atmosphere that I would like to live with. However again it is a very international city with internaitonal organisation and institutes which makes it very expat friendly. English is not a problem. It is spoken widely and at a high level.

Amsterdam (I used to live there so I'm biased!) really great city to live, work and study within. Yes it has a reputation but actually is a very beautiful city and so much more that the boring stereotypes. There is a thriving foreign student population and again English is spoken widely and at a high level. It is more than just a party city and one that I really enjoyed living in (moving further south only because of high house prices)

London - well this is probably the easiest city because of the language, but ask yourself if you are studying abroad for "experience" then personally I think it is more fun to pick a city where is it not so "easy" Again a great city, again very multi-national and a lot of foreign students, but I guess it depends on what you prefer

So personally if I was in your shoes then I would pick Amsterdam as the first city and if not then Geneva.

Alexander Said:

Study abroad in Fribourg, Switzerland?

We Answered:

Yes, you'll experience a drastic difference: We ride horses or use horse drawn carriages in Fribourg, streets therefore are sandy or paved with cobblestones, no Internet, TV, phone, radio or such available, we are men eater and tend to kill every foreigner before he only can open his mouth :-)

C'mon, you're not serious - Switzerland and especially Fribourg (an important university town) are multicultural, you'll see every shape of people there. However, to be frank, with only beginner's knowledge in French, you'll have a hard time. The second language in this bilingual city is Alemannic (the daily language spoken from Fribourg in the West to the North-East of Switzerland), German is only used in schools/universities and for the written language. So speed up with your French and you'll be just fine!

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