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Study Abroad Tokyo

Alicia Said:

I am planning to study abroad and am planning to reside in Japan. Should I choose Kyoto or Tokyo?

We Answered:

I'd choose Tokyo def. no questions asked. First, the education is better there I assume, and second it's the capital, you'll get to interact with people from different backgrounds while understanding Japanese culture (which you would anyway wherever you choose in Japan) but in the capital, you just get more exposure, especially that you have more things to do.
I'd go visit Kyoto def. for a weekend or even a week if you get a break but a whole semester there is a stretch.
Well good luck with your decision, and I am no expert in Japan - just saying what I'd do if I were you.

Nicholas Said:

Study Abroad in Tokyo without speaking any Japanese.?

We Answered:

Name:Sophia University(faculty of Liberal Arts)
Japan's first university-level program taught entirely in English and accredited by the Ministry of Education.
Location:in central Tokyo
Yes, they accept international students.
Cost:approximately US$165,000(accommodation+ tuition)
for 4 years, just in case.

Joyce Said:

what program should i use to study abroad in tokyo?

We Answered:

try HUMAN JAPANESE. it teaches you alottttt including how to write in hiragana + katakana.

Jean Said:

if i study abroad in Tokyo, Japan for 1 yr, can i bring my pet pigeon with me?

We Answered:…

read through it, it shows already which and how many papers and documents you will need. but the safest bet would be to call or write to the JAPANESE EMBASSY NEAR TO YOU.

Eduardo Said:

Study Abroad-SUNY-Tokyo,Japan-Help Finding Programs?

We Answered:

No one here is going to do the work for you. Look for yourself.

That should get you started.

Gloria Said:

I want to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan? what do I do?

We Answered:

u have to write directly to univ of tokyo, keio uni, and google some others too in other cities - osaka, kobe. outside tokyo u stand a better chance.
there's also JICA - international cooperation agency which gives scholarships. pl try.
japan is good
if not, try korea, philippines or indonesia where its very cheap.
to travel around japan as a tourist needs lots of $$$

Wendy Said:

Study Abroad in Tokyo, looking for a good blog to use?

We Answered:

there are many services you can use:

Ones I've used and recommend is blogger, wordpress, or tumblr. Enjoy your stay in japan wish I had that kind of opportunity.

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