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Study Abroad Universities

Chester Said:

What king of exams do i need take if i want to study abroad in Universities in US, UK and Canada?

We Answered:

Well, Oxford's site says "Hong Kong Advanced Level Certificate, with grades of AAA, or Associate degrees from Hong Kong, with a result of 3.8 or better." That won't get you in, it'll just get you considered.

What kind of academic results do you need? Outstandingly good ones. Unless you go to an extremely academically selective school, you need to be the best student in your year, probably the best at the whole school. Unless this is true, frankly you can search for all the advantageous ways of applying you like, it won't make a blind bit of difference. Vast numbers of extremely clever people apply to these places. If you're not extremely clever, I'm sorry, but you are better off applying elsewhere.

Sergio Said:

What universities on the east coast have recommended study abroad programs in Italy?

We Answered:

Syracuse University has a really reputable and well-established study abroad program, with one of their major locations being in Florence. I know that you can do one semester or the whole year (or 2 semesters in different cities). They really focus on cultural immersion; no matter what you are studying you will also take courses in the local language in culture. Their Florence progam is based on homestays (with the exception of a few majors), so they'll place you with a good family. I go to SU and I'll be studying with them in Florence in a few years, but I know the program is really popular with students from universities across the country. Check out the website for more info:

Joel Said:

Which colleges/universities have the best study abroad programs?

We Answered:

I know many college offer a wide variety of places to study abroad and if you choose to go to a place where they have yet to make connections they will talk to other universities and that university's connection. The only exception are red flag countries. Are you looking to go to a specific country? If you aren't then I would suggest doing a cruise around the world for a semester. Your classes are on the ship but every few days the ship will dock in a new place and students can explore all around the world.

Harvey Said:

If I transfer universities after 2 years, can I still study abroad?

We Answered:

It all depends on the school you're transferring to and how many credits they'll accept from your first university. Always ask to cover your bases. Also ask whether the study abroad program will supply you with credit. If not, measure how much longer it will take to graduate.

Everything's possible. It's just a matter of how much longer it may take to do it and if you're willing to spend that time doing it.

Mike Said:

Do all universities allow students to go to study abroad programs?

We Answered:

You certainly will find a school in Tokyo that is affiliated with a university here in the states. My nephew did. I don't know about Clark University, but most major universities to offer classes abroad. Try Washington University as an example.

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