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Study And Work Abroad

Marie Said:

Study, Work and live abroad in Brazil (for like 1-3 years)?

We Answered:


At first, you must to get a Temporary Visa "VITEM-IV" for students. This don't permit to work while you be studying, but you may get a way to earn money in a not formal activity. If you play some instrument, or sing, or does magic, or paint, or make any other artistic and not employed activity, it's OK. You can show you in night clubs or publish an add in a newspaper selling your paintings, drawings, etc.

We have many students from different parts of the world, (from the so-called latinos and neighbors to swedish and russian) studying here, but the classes are in portuguese.

Buy some english-portuguese dictionary, a grammatic and some other like "how to say it in portuguese" and study these for three or four months before you come to Brazil.

Arriving here, search for a intensive course for foreigners to understand conversation and to speak without accent.

For to be accept, your high school diploma must be recognized in Brazil, but I think that Brazil and USA have a treat for it.

Well, you don't told us what is the field in goal, but I can give you an idea about all.

Federal Universities are the best and, the best about it is that all are totally free. No taxes, fees, etc. Only pass the exame (every october-december we have the "vestibular") and joy.

Applications for vestibular to UFRJ is closed this year. Next vestibular inscription in august, 2008. Others, begin in september for many universities. Another, in october. Keep alert!

I'm from Rio, then, the following explanations will be based in a supposed life in Rio.

I think that you prefer to pay nothing to study. So, you must to be an applicant for vestibular of UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO (UFRJ) or UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL FLUMINENSE (UFF) or UNIVERSIDADE ESTADUAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO (UERJ).

If the carreer is veterinary, you must to apply for UNIVERSIDADE FEDEARL RURAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO.

If your carreer is Physics, you can try CBPF, very very good (two of the Meson-Pi discovers worked there) wit a concept 6 or 7 (maximum).

All those offers residence (apartments) in their campus, except UERJ and CBPF. And the dormitories are free of taxes.

But, suppose that you don't pass at the exam. Then apply for a ingress in a good particular university.

The best is Rio are PUC (Catholic university excelent, but expensive), Gama Filho (expensive), Uinivercidade, Veiga de Almeida and Estácio or Uniestácio (these three excelent and less expensive).

The awards in these are a traditional bachelor's degree - four years (8 semesters) of study. In a specific cases, three years in some courses.

Estácio have a traditional undergraduate degree (Bachelors degree) and, also, a politechnic institute with awards after two or two and half year - four or five semesters (Associate degree equivalent) - in many fields since gastronomy to computers networks. From graphic design to aeronautics (pilot). See the website and you will have an best idea about what I'm telling you.

I think that Estácio is the best choice for you.

For this university you must to pay a montly tax between R$ 280,00 - R$ 450,00 (about US$ 140.00 - US$ 220.00), very low taxes. The exame is easy and the university does a new "vestibular" every two months.

The bad thing about is that you must a residence.

The cheaper are vacancy at residences. Some persons above 60 years rent a room in their apartments. Take a credential and good references translated and apply for one. This may costs between R$ 300,00 to R$ 550,00 (US$ 140.00 - US$ 220.00) for month.

Plus metrô (subway) tickets - at least, two for day - and you will expend more R$ 100,00 (some like US$ 45.00) in twenty days.

I think that i'ts enough for while. Include a comment if some other information be necessary.

See the links bellow (I suggest Babelfish web translator).

Charlie Said:

How is study abroad progarm work? and Would you recommend?

We Answered:

I'm a student in Britain studying Russian, and as part of my degree I must spend a year studying in Russia. I think, especially if you are studying a language, a year spent abroad is essential.

Even if you're not studying a language, studying abroad in an English-speaking country is also an invaluable experience. You'll learn a lot about another culture, as well as becoming more independant. Plus it'll look great on your CV.

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