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Study In Australia

Julie Said:

Reasons why I should be alowed to study for a year in australia?

We Answered:

1) You can probably get credit for some, maybe even all, classes because they are in English. If you learned a new language, you would not get credit (or could only get credit for P.E. and Art or something)
2) You will grow as a person -- you will learn how to start over from scratch and handle problems and difficult situations when your main support network (friends and family from home) is a continent away
3) You will have a more worldly perspective on things. Australia isn't hugely different in terms of culture, but it has a different history and people will have different views on certain issues.
4) It will be easier for you to adjust and make friends since you know the language.
5) You will learn to imitate the Auusie accent to some degree, which is cool.

Exchange is NEVER a vacation, no matter where you go. However, going to an English speaking country is objectively easier than learning a new language.

Jeffery Said:

I wish to study in Australia, but i don't have money to pay fees. How can the Australian Government help?

We Answered:


I suggest you to visit for Australian Government scholarship programs.

Good luck for your study and welcome to Australia :)

Rene Said:

Which is the best university to study in Australia provided we can do part time job?

We Answered:

Scholarships - no. Australian universities do not give out scholarships to anyone unless they are doing a PhD and then the scholarship is assigned to a particular project to which you apply to.

Since you are only able to work 20 hours a week, mostly outside business hours you cannot expect to make more than $250 per week - which will pay rent and nothing else. Remember that international students are not eligible for discounted public transport which costs between $30-60 per week.

Bessie Said:

Hotel Management Courses: how much money i required to study in australia 4 masters in hospitality?

We Answered:

Study Abroad Hotel Management: The average expenses for an year are around 10-11 lacs p.a. ( inclusive of both the cots of living and the tuition fees). The duration of the course is 1.5-2 years and the major intakes are february and july.

Jose Said:

Where can i find funding to study in Australia?

We Answered:

An aussie student has put up a guide for people coming from aboad to study in australia with forums to connect to other student in australia or thinkin bot getting there

i think they should be able to answer your question check out or

Alex Said:

I want to study in Australia or the USA, is there a student loan that can help me?

We Answered:

Even if you can find a lender, and there are many unethical ones, it would be crazy to borrow that much money. Many students think they can stay in the US after college and make lots of money. Most are not allowed to stay. Paying back the cost of a US education is simply impossible on what you'll earn in most countries after college.

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