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Study In Canada For International Students

Douglas Said:

What is the average cost for an international student to study undergraduates in Canada?

We Answered:…

All Canadian universities are the same. You will get the same quality of education no matter which university you decide to go to.

The University of Prince Edward Island has the most affordable tuition in Canada. It is a pretty good university and only 5000 Canadian Dollars (two semesters) .
The following links may be helpful:……

Good luck with your university search! :)

Kelly Said:

international student in canada with study permit expiring in 15days ?

We Answered:

For something important like that, don't ask people on here, ask Immigration Canada, see…

Maybe it's a good idea to take down the name of the person you talk to at the call centre if you have any problems later.

Sarah Said:

How international students can earn in Canada, alongwith their studies, CAD $200 daily?

We Answered:

Hi. There are some rules and regulations that need to be followed if working while attending school in Canada. See the "Working While at School" page on the website below for more information and links to the Canadian government's website.

Irma Said:

Can anyone tell me that what type of do international students get in Canada?

We Answered:

International students only get to work on Campus. (This is because a student visa is intended for you to be a full time student and not to seek out work, it was more recent that they began to allow students working on campus) They tend to work in places such as running student associations. WOrking in the library, bar, computer halls, or even as a TA (Teaching Assistant)

Aim for good grades in your first year and develop a relationship with your prof. Then, in your second year you can usually run the seminars for first year students and you can get paid pretty well. Usually around $20 an hour for minimal work.

I also had a friend who became president of the student association as an international student and I believe he was paid around $40,000 for it.

Also, you can work for money under the table if you can find it. (Usually bad jobs like washing dishes for some small restaurant)

Jill Said:

Is it possible for international student studying in Canada to go to the USA for temporary work on summer?

We Answered:

You need a sponsor (employer) for a work visa - you can't apply for one on your own.…

Search "international exchange programs USA" and there should be many links to programs that offer temporary and seasonal work in the US. An example is

Do carefully check any programs you might be interested in as not all of them are a good deal.

Note that it is equally or even more difficult for an American to work in another country.

Good luck!

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