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Study In Finland For International Students

Gertrude Said:

is study is free in Sweden&FInland for international students ?

We Answered:

Yes and no. The source I put seems to be quite helpful when it comes to Finland. :)

"NB: the Finnish parliament has recently (Thu 11th June 2009) approved the renewed universities act and polytechnic act. These acts make it possible for the universities and polytechnics to collect tuition fees from international, non-EU/EEA degree students in selected Master's degree programmes during a five-year trial period.

Tuition fees may be collected starting earliest from the year 2010. Scholarships for talented non-EU/EEA students will also be available, for those specific Master's programmes that will carry a tuition fee. Please refer to the News section of this site - information updates on tuition fees will be added when available!"

Kirk Said:

Going for a degree in a foreign country, need some financial advice.?

We Answered:

For international student financial aid resources:

Hope this helps!

Christopher S. Penn
Producer, the Financial Aid Podcast
Daily free financial aid internet radio, no iPod required
FinancialAidPodcast [at] gmail [dot] com

Agnes Said:

Do university admissions people say what they want? ?

We Answered:

Usually the people in the admissions office who handle this type of thing do know what they are talking about, unless the signatures have to come from someone outside the university. This just sounds like a formality to me.

Don Said:

Would you choose Finland or Belgium for international studies?

We Answered:

I think you would be helped if you would clarify your goals a little. What are you actually going to study? what kind of interests do you have for your free time? what kind of hobbies? what do you plan to work with after you graduate? if you look into linguistics or telecommunication or education Finland would be good to study in-other areas are not bad either, but these are quite good, likewise public health.
If you are into economics, history, international law or organizations Belgium might be better.
If you are into outdoors, music in your spare time , Finland is great.Arts and cultural history -then maybe Belgium.
Students are friendly anywhere. In Finland they pretty much say what they mean -or nothing.In Belgium you will have easy small talk but hard to find what people actually think.

For langauges, if you are American who has not studied any foreign language before 15 years of age you will find learning any new language hard work, if you are not supergifted linguistically. French and Flamish (=Dutch) are much closer to English than Finnish or Swedish, so they might be easier if English is your mother tongue.In Brussels you find humility in French usage which makes it more approachable -unlike in France -. BUt -you can study in English in both places and all young Finns speak Englsih, all Belgians , particularly the French speaking, do not.
There are many more foreigners in Belgium than in Finland but we are bilingual with lots of Russian influence. Estonia and St. Petersburg and Stockholm are not that far. Sometimes 2 hours train travel in Finland will get you further than 1 hour in Belgium -because Belgium is so densely populated that there is a big city every 20 minutes -just as an example.
These are just some thoughts, as you are not very clear.
You could clarify your thoughts and take a phonecall to helsinki University Student Information after you have looked at the website where you will find the phone numbers -Finland is 7 hours ahead of eastern standard time, Belgium 6 hours- :…

just going and clicking on the English you will find a lot -or just typing in studying in Finland.
so clarify your goals -and welcome to Europe!!

Harry Said:

could you help me to add a Thesis Statement to this intro, plz?

We Answered:

If you take out the "because" on the last sentence you have a perfectly fine thesis statement already. Usually, you want your thesis to be the last sentence in the paragraph.

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