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Study In Germany For International Students

Peter Said:

Is an international student in Germany allowed to work part time while studying fror free?

We Answered:

Here you go, it looks like you can!

As of 2005 international students who do not come from the EU or EEA are allowed to work 90 full or 180 half days in a year. To do this they do not need authorisation from the Employment Agency, i.e. the German authorities.

International students who do not come from the EU cannot go self employed or work freelance!
If you want to work more than 90 full or 180 half days you need the approval of the Employment Agency and the Aliens Department. Whether you receive the approval depends on the situation of the job market in your place of study. In regions with high unemployment you will have little chance of working more than 90 days.

One exception, however, is the occupation of academic or student assistant. This work can be carried out for more than 90 days. The Aliens Department must still be informed if you wish to work as an academic or student assistant!

You can find more info from the link below.

Mary Said:

How is the prospect for Germany Graduates to get a job in U.S or U.K or another English Country?

We Answered:

German degrees are fully recognized all over the world. If you can choose your job and your country to work in depends more on you than the degree you have. I know many people with German degrees now working all over the world (Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, ...)

If you want to study in Germany be aware that you will have to speak and understand German. Without it undergrad studies are impossible and postgraduate studies are very hard.

Arthur Said:

Max age limit for international students to study in germany?

We Answered:

The maximum age is 18 years and 6 months at the start of the program. For more information about Germany foreign exchange visit the AFS website at

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