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Study In Norway For International Students

Ricardo Said:

Which one is better between Netherlands and Norway.....?

We Answered:

It depends on what you like.

Both Norway and Netherlands are very safe countries. Both have friendly people. Netherlands probably has better known universities since it's more centrally located with regards to Europe and has a larger population, therefore more people (in theory) have degrees from a Dutch university as opposed to a Norwegian one.
As for part time jobs, the pay is considerably higher in Norway, but it's also an expensive place, especially if you plan on living and studying in Oslo, which is the most expensive city in the world.
More people speak fluent English in Norway than they do in Netherlands, however, in the Netherlands you might be able to do university degrees in English, in Norway, there are very few, if any, complete courses that are taught in English.

As for beautiful, Norway wins hands down. No country will ever be more picturesque than Norway in the summertime.

If you have further questions that are more in depth let me know via email or something and I'll do my best to answer them if I can.

Vivian Said:

Hi,what is the job opportunity in norway for international students.?

We Answered:

Norway is very expensive and you need to really look hard at how you'll live bearing in mind you're not Norwegian. My gross income in Norway for 2009 was over 430,000NOK and I can't afford to run a car here and turn lights off all the time. The last 2 electricity bills total £1,600, tax deductions were 210,000NOK, expect to pay at least 500NOK per week just buying basic food. You will also not be entitled to the same help if you need it compared to Norwegians and will not get a residents' permit unless you can show how you will support yourself.

There ARE jobs in Norway but unless you are part of a "couple" sharing the same heating and cooking, your standard of living won't be great and understanding how to "play the system" will take years of hardship to understand.

It's quite possible to own a house in Norway, work only in Norway and have children in Norway but to be regarded as merely a visitor to Norway who is, however obliged to pay tax and child welfare and social security contributions to Norway with no rights to healthcare or social security help in Norway.

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Pulau Harapan said:

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this guys said:

The government of the Norway took some effcetive steps for the development of the education system.The people who came from the overseas would like to get admitted into different kinds of university according to their qualification. But the permanent citizen of the Norway could be difficult.

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