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Study In Poland For International Students

Anthony Said:

Advice/help with writing a Curriculum Vitae?

We Answered:

This looks more like a resume. Take off the sections for "objectives," "employment/work experience" (since you don't have any) and "references."

I would reformat your education to give your expected graduation date. If you are writing a senior/honors thesis, include that information either there or in your "research experience," as this is important even though you haven't completed it yet.

Shorten your descriptions. You can always elaborate more upon your research interests, travels, etc. in your statement of purpose.

You might add a section for academic scholarships and awards (just include a brief list of the important ones).

I'd suggest looking up some examples of CVs to get the format just right and maybe some ideas for things you could add. These days even a lot of grad students have their CVs online. You might try and look specifically for graduate students in political science at schools you're applying to and glance over their CVs just to get a sense of the format. Maybe some professors' too. They'll have a lot of stuff you won't be expected to have (publications, conference talks, etc.), but you can translate their format into categories that are more relevant to you.

They won't necessarily expect you to know the finer points of CV writing, but it will help you to keep things clear and to the point. You want them to be able to get the most important information about you in seconds, so don't make them read too much to get it.

Claudia Said:

Asking English questions?

We Answered:

Question 1. There's no 'the' in the title because it's written in an abbreviated style, it doesn't aim to use the normal rules for a correct sentence.

Question 2. 'Now' is functioning like 'OK', or 'So .. this is the thing' ... it's just an attention grabbing opening to the sentence, it's not functioning as a statement about time, past or present. It's telling you to listen because important information is coming.

Vickie Said:

Help to get into Ivy League Universities?

We Answered:

Getting into the Ivies and MIT is very tough, people with perfect records don't get in. But that shouldn't stop you, you want to be an electrical engineer and the best education right? It's alright to try getting into California Tech, Georgia Tech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other engineering schools. They're in the top 10 best in the field and are much much easier to get into than MIT. Also, Ivy Leagues don't really have a good ranking in engineering (except Cornell) so it would be pointless to go there.

Here are the ranks (for engineering in general):
1- MIT
2- Stanford
3- UC Berkeley
4- California Tech tied with Georgia Tech
6- University of Illinois Urbana
7- University of Michigan Ann Harbor
8- Carnegie
9- Cornell University tied with Purdue University.

Those should be the schools you should be trying to apply to.


Gary Said:

Will this cause me big problems?

We Answered:

I don't really get what you are asking but it seems like assuming that 1 is not a passing grade, 2 is passing but barely, 3 is average, 4 is above average, 5 is excellent, and 6 is the best possible:

6 = A =100 %
5 = A = 90-99
4 = B = 80-90
3= C = 70-80
2 = D = 60-70
1 = F = under 60

Kevin Said:

how hard is it to get a work permit if I get an internship in a country in Europe?

We Answered:

In most countries, it is the employer who is offering you an internship that must apply for a work permit on your behald, this is certainly the case in the United Kingdom.

Check with the website of the Italian, French and Polish Embassies for more information - a quick google search will give you the correct links.

Discuss It! said:

My friend's son wants to study abroad in Poland, he just loves this country. Thanks for these tips, they are very helpful!

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Piano Lamps said:

This looks more like a resume.

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