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Study In Switzerland For International Students

Penny Said:

Can I visit Switzerland for two days?

We Answered:

You very well may need a visa as Switzerland is an independant country. It is not part of the EU such as France, You could simply phone the Swiss embassy. They will give you all the information you need.

Craig Said:

anyone studying in ukraine? can i an international student get a visa to switzerland? for summer?

We Answered:

Being an international student in the Ukraine will not help you get a visitor/tourist visa for Switzerland since the Ukraine isn't part of the EU or the Schengen area. You might or might not need a visa depending on your nationality, for example US and Canadian citizens don't need a visa if they will remain in Switzerland for less than 3 months and don't take up work for more than 8 days. I would look at this overview to find out your case… and then check with the Swiss embassy in your country to what you need to do visit Switzerland.

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Wisata Pulau Pramuka said:

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