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Study In Uk

Mary Said:

Which is a better country to live/study/work, UK, Australia, or New Zealand?

We Answered:

Coming from your home country, Australia would be a better choice for both prestige and affordability in studies, especially in the city of Melbourne because many Asians reside there, so it would be much better to get along with the community. For living and working, again Australia would be a better choice because according to HDI (Human development index), Australia is the second most liveable country in the world, just behind Norway.

Betty Said:

Which country is better for a Japanese student to study English, UK or USA?

We Answered:

Deciding not to study English in the United States simply because some people are lazy and type poorly on their Facebook page would be foolish. The United States has many fine schools for the study of English, turns out many excellent lawyers, and welcomes students from other countries. Of course, the same can be said of the U.K. So the first question you must ask yourself is where you really want to practice law. The English of the U.K. and that of the U.S. are quite different, and you do not want to waste your time learning expressions and vocabulary you will not need in everyday life. After you know where you want to practice, the next step is to check with the cultural attache of the embassy of the country you would like to learn about. That person will be able to tell you about English language programs which are available, where they are, and what levels of proficiency they require. My guess is that you have taken a lot of English already and really don't need much help with grammar and writing. Spoken English can only be mastered through exercise and practice (like any other study), so you might want to take classes in speech communication or English linguistics rather than ESL proper. These choices will all be presented to you when you have decided where you want to practice law.

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