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Study In Usa For International Students

Jesus Said:

Can an international student studying in the USA answer a few questions about their experiences for a paper?

We Answered:

I am an international student who completed a bachelors degree in the U.S. and I am now continuing my education here also at law school.

Feel free to email me your questions or talk to me online and I will reply quickly. You can get my contact details by clicking my avaitor.

Roland Said:

international students studying a masters course in the USA?

We Answered:

you seem self satisfied.i think you are looking for plaudits. you must know there are bursaries. are you scared to ask or are you reflecting in your own glory?remember your contribution to the society that allowed your advancement.there is much to learn but enjoy your achievement.

Sylvia Said:

what is the process for an international student/to study in the USA?

We Answered:

You need to be accepted to a school. Then you can apply for a student Visa which will allow you to attend school, but not work in the US.

Jaime Said:

Study in USA as an international student in a college?

We Answered:

There are many places in NY where you can take a GED preparation course. New YOrk State and New York city are both large/ Once you settle in you can go to the local high school or library and ask for a list of places that have GED study classes.

One bit of warning. Do not take a GED test on line. Those tests are phony and will not be recognized for a GED certificate./

Juanita Said:

vaccinations required for a international student going to study in USA?

We Answered:

There are no mandatory vaccinations required for non-immigrants to the United States.

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