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Study Work Abroad

Glen Said:

How does STUDY ABROAD work?

We Answered:

Check out below site to know more Study Abroad Students.

Best of Luck...

Marcus Said:

I have good working skills,how can I work and live or study abroad from Nigeria.

We Answered:

If you are interested in studying in the US check out This website offers information to international students wishing to study in the states. You should be able to find answers to your questions there.

Dustin Said:

How does studying abroad work?

We Answered:

Basically, some colleges have partnerships with colleges in other parts of the world. If you are accepted into the study abroad program, you travel to that part of the world and take classes and/or hold an internship at the partner college for one or two semesters.

Usually, you take at least one class regarding the culture of the country. You may also take a foreign language class (the language of the land).

It looks great on any resume, but studying abroad is especially useful to international relation majors, communications majors, and foreign language majors.

Manuel Said:

where can I work and study abroad?

We Answered:

There are a lot of choices but which country/ region of the world do you prefer /to recommend to wok in it.

Dwight Said:

why people think less of me when i say i want to study abroad and work abroad ?

We Answered:

No , it is not that weired, I met lots of female Egyptians in Rome who studied there (in the Egyptian academy) They worked a while and then came to Egypt and they are famous names, Eman mostafa (famous soprano,,and her sister Enas abd al an example.. I met as well others in the USA,, the only one problem , that it took them longer time to get married.. Generally carrier oriented females get married later than others,, Recently I met some females from Jordan, Emirates in Leiden university... and they are doing well,,,
The thing is , You have to ask yourself why you want to work abroad...To make money,, that will not happen,, (living costs are rocket high)
,,to find better job( well now the natives themselves find difficulties finding jobs),,, You will be always (allachtoon= foreigner),, recently , people are not that tolerant with foreigners and you will be subjected to discrimination,,, (and that is not religious even ,,, just the color of your skin and hair).... if you do not care, and if the reason is to change your life style and that is it,,, go a head..but it is not that easy...

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