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Studying In The Usa

Ethel Said:

How do yo think, where is better to leave and study: USA or Europe?

We Answered:

Well the US is a huge country, so although it may be boring where you are living right now, there are plenty of places in the US that will be more exciting.

If you can get a free education in Europe, however, then I would go there. US universities are extremely expensive, even for Americans, not to even mention international students.

Phyllis Said:

What should i study in USA?

We Answered:

When you study halkla ili?kiler, you get a room in a company and take care of the workers. They get pretty much money.
You can study i?letme (management) or economy too.

Lots of people graduate from i?letme in Turkey every year. So only the bests are taken for work. For you, studying in America can make a difference.

PS: I couldn't get who you are SAKIN, but thank you very much :)

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I think it is all about the person. Some are comfortable with studying and settling abroad while most of the others would like to stay in their home country. This information will give a good idea on pursuing a course in US.

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Nowadays there are many students who are migrating to USA for their further studies. There are many opportunities that are available if we start studying abroad. It will be very helpful for the students if they are having any further scholarships too.

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USA is much better option for studying as compared to Europe in my opinion. You can also have some part time job in USA to have some extra cash for your studies.

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