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Studying In Uk

Dianne Said:

as a student studying in uk if i marry a romanian on what gound can i be given definit stay in uk?

We Answered:…

Jeffrey Said:

I am an overseas student studying in UK. How can i open a share trading account in india ?

We Answered:

if u open ur share trading account online now, while ur in the UK, then u would have 2 open an NRI account too.
if u submit the documents from india, with all the proof of indian residence, then u would not have to open an NRI account.
depends where u open the account from.
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Stephen Said:

How do I apply for jobs in Singapore? I'm not a Singapore national and I'm currently studying in UK.?

We Answered:

You have to apply for a job first then you apply for a visa for an interview in Singapore once you are successful the company will apply the necessary work permit, S-pass or employment pass it all depends on the category of your pay.

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Mildred Said:

which country is cheapest for studying masters UK or USA?

We Answered:

Go to the UK please! We have enough Arabs.

Martin Said:

How should i get my Sharjah driving license? I am a Sharjah resident but studying in UK.?

We Answered:

To obtain an UAE driver's license you need to be an UAE resident. Being on a visit visa won't work.

If your Sharjah residence visa expires in Dec 09, why do you want to obtain a UAE driver's license anyway? You can't use this in the UK.

For obtaining a driver's license in the UAE, please visit the link giving below:…

edit: please note that an UK driver's license will be converted into an UAE license only if you are a british citizen. Otherwise you have to start from the scratch again.

In other words: obtain a driver's license in the country where you want to drive.

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