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Summer Camp For International Students

Guy Said:

Boston Ballet summer intensive?

We Answered:

I work for the Boston Ballet and are so excited you'd like to audition! This year we are traveling to 16 cities internationally and 30 in the United States. Last year we had students from 46 states and 15 countries, 20% were international students!

Delores Said:

I need a theme for a summer camp program.?

We Answered:

All Around The World (it's the only one i got)

Lizzie Mgurie Soundtrack

Wade Said:

Can anyone help me w/ summer camp?

We Answered:

I am the EXACT same predicament, except I have resources. If you are a genius in math and science, and I mean you are literally planning to cure some disease and study rocket science, then add a note to your question and i've got a site that list about 50 program internships at prestigious universities. If you're looking to add to your college application, most famed universities offer on-site classes during the summer for juniors/seniors. I don't think Berkeley has one cause it's too poor, they do have excellent summer program that international students attend (although housing is not provided) because I attended two summers there. If you have 10,000 to spend, I would suggest Stanford because they CATER to international students and plan out your trip for you and you must take courses there. As i said, if you look around on college sites, most have summer programs. They might be difficult to find, so I suggest searching site map or googling the university slash summer programs- Hope that helps!

Travis Said:

I need a summer camp theme.?

We Answered:

Oh this is an easy one, I think its best if your students are a diverse crowd to let them present their own background and heritage. If not then go to the library and find a book on different cultures and use ideas from the book and split the children up in small groups and give each group a theme. As far as recruiting new students for the summer do an open house and have hotdogs and a moonwalker and sale your program.

Phyllis Said:

I want to start an International Summer Camp In Canada...?

We Answered:

You also need to look into the insurance aspect. Liability insurance is quite expensive.

Franklin Said:

Summer Camps in America for HighSchoolers?

We Answered:

contact me at I am a summer programs and camp consultant. My service is free and I can try to help you.

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EricCox said:

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