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Summer Programs For International Students

Tanya Said:

Are there any camps, or volunteer programs for the summer in Lebanon?

We Answered:

I've been researching the same question for myself.
It seems there aren't a lot of programmes for people wanting to travel but there are a number of English language schools in Beirut check out the links on this page:

Hope you find something.

ETA by English language I mean they teach a range of courses in English, I understand you already speak English. There is one where you can study Lebanese Arabic for example. Also have a look at the Red Cross.

Brett Said:

Are there any summer medical programs that are fully paid with stipend available for international students?

We Answered:

Some how I kinda doubt that the US has a free (plus stipend) program for some one just visiting from another country; given the economy and the fact that taxes support these programs & visitors don't pay taxes, sorry.

Caroline Said:

does anyone know any good site for exchange summer program for international undergraduate medical students?

We Answered:

Im not a doctor, but my cousin is, she went to Berlin for one year and was surprised of the medical advancements there. check it out.

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