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Summer School For International Students

Antonio Said:

Any summer school in Australia for international secondary school students?

We Answered:

Sure ... you can look into these programs ...……………

Or just do your own search for teen programs here:…

Good luck and have fun!

Maria Said:

Cambridge or Sussex international summer school?

We Answered:

They are both great towns and 45 -50 minutes away from London by frequent train. Brighton is by the sea and the countryside is more beautiful in Sussex than in Cambridgeshire if that is important to you. Brighton is a little more cosmopolitan and multi cultural and I'd choose Brightob, but you'll be fine in either place

Gwendolyn Said:

Summer program for international students in Sydney?

We Answered:

The universities only have summer school that is university subjects (so students can do their degree quicker). There are no programs in Universities for high school students.

Philip Said:

International Summer School For Collage students in Korea?

We Answered:

omg i never knew about this :D i wanna go !

Ben Said:

Am organising summer educational trip to France for secondary school students. How do I go about it?

We Answered:

You need to contact the local LEA they have guidelines for these sort of trips. As for accommodation in host billets you need ones that are FULLY checked out with CRB's etc. We don't want to have another case of young girls/boys at the mercy of paedophiles now do we? AND you cannot exchange ANY personal data on here.......As a school governor I am surprised you are approaching this matter in such an unprofessional manner. You should contact other schools in the area who have taken trips over seas'.......I am sure there are ones.....

Check out the link below anyway.

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