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Tafe Courses For International Students

Tracey Said:

Good Photography Schools / Courses?

We Answered:

I have an idea.

Contact the alumni associations for Brooks Institute of Photography, Art Center and Rochester Institute of Technology and ask for alum contacts in cities near you. They will have an excellent idea of what schools in your area.

Christina Said:

Did I make the right choice?

We Answered:

What school do you go to? And do you qualify for aid/ scholarships? Such as your grade average, etc..

I'm pretty sure you could qualify for some type aid or you could try a loan. It is a waste of time to then later come back and try to complete it. I don't think anyone should be left behind just because of their personal problems.

Robin Said:

Australia (Tafe); Concerning school fees?

We Answered:

How about getting funding from your own government? Why should you get handouts from Australia?

Kathy Said:

Am I considered as an International or Local Student?

We Answered:

You are a local student if you're an Australian citizen or permanent resident, simple.

Since you've been granted Australian citizenship, you're considered a LOCAL student. Having overseas qualifications/ education does not make you an international student.

Laura Said:

where to find a school, one year course in Aussie (for cert or diploma) have more mature age students?

We Answered:

This is a search engine for tafe courses in nsw, just choose what type of field you want and see which one best suits you.
Alot of people in TAFE are mature aged students.
Good luck…

Vivian Said:

Does registration as Division 2 nurse in Victora (AUS) is eligible for Skilled migration in AUS?

We Answered:

You will need a nursing degree rather than a diploma in order to qualify as a Registered Nurse. An Enrolled Nurse or Division 2 Nurse does not have sufficient qualifications to be eligible for GSM unless you are prepared to work in a regional area on an RSMS visa:…
The RSMS visa is employer sponsored but it shouldn't be too difficult to find a sponsor.

If you are not prepared to take the RSMS approach, you should look into the possibility of doing a nursing degree instead of a diploma so that you qualify for an independent visa with no regional restrictions.

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