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Test In English For International Students

Frederick Said:

copy of english proof test for uni?i dont have?

We Answered:

Do not panic..

Brian Said:

Is my SAT score bad? Will I get into good college?

We Answered:

Your math score is great, and your writing score is about average. Work on your reading though, it's about average but maybe a little below. Make sure to study up and prepare enough, then retake the test. =]

Brett Said:

Which is the famous/popular Spoken English institute in Indore/m.p. for learning International English?

We Answered:

Go ahead.Good decision.

Maria Said:

Spoken English Indore:Is IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation helpful for jobs?

We Answered:

It is a good question.In today's globalized world international qualification in English is a big plus for your career.The preparation of IELTS is intensive and is much superior to local standards.
High Profile SGC is a well known brand in IELTS coaching and English since 2000.
If you want to be the winner,IELTS preparation can set you on the path of progress.

Deborah Said:

The charge of Noncredit English as ESL?

We Answered:

You will need to contact the school directly.

Shawn Said:

Need an online competency test for international students?

We Answered:

How about the TOEFL (Test of english as a foreign language)? That doesn't test logic, but it is the only test that I know of for English that is readily available to international students.

Jeffrey Said:

I see some psychology tests in campus and they require English as native language...?

We Answered:

Not really, because to understand psychology, you have to really understand speech patterns of the language in which your learning psychology. You will undoubtedly not pick up certain "hints and clues" in the English language (or whatever language you're learning it in) because it is not your native language. This is why I was restricted from doing certain things in the Israeli army (English is my first language)

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