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Tuition Fees International Students

Ana Said:

Scandinavian Universities: When will they list tuition fees for international students beginning in 2010?

We Answered:

Hi, Universities in Sweden will not start charging fees in 2010. This was the original date for the introduction of fees, but now it has been pushed back until 2011. This is because the vote on this has been moved to the Autumn of 2009, to allow time for the scholarship package to be put in place. There's no official information on this, but you can check out my blog at:

Eddie Said:

Are there any Ontario universities with low tuition fees for international students?

We Answered:

hi i think if u took ur bf to human resourses of canada in ur town they will be able to assist you guys.. also have u called york univeristy sometimes they have certain programmes they he might be able to afford if its up his alley.. but agian i would suggest to try the government first.. good luck.. i know its not easy !!! oh yeh there might be burseries for special cases.. so make ur case special .. it works..

Rick Said:

University tuition fees for international students in the u.s?

We Answered:

It's not just foreign students who pay fees. Americans pay too. Families save their whole lives to send their children to university. Think yourself fortunate - some are twice that figure.

Veronica Said:

What is the average university tuition fees for International Students in the UK?

We Answered:

At this moment international students pay around an average of £10,500 for most courses in British Universities .

Hope this helps :)

Peter Said:

Countries that have university education in english but low tuition fees for international students?

We Answered:

well,my sister is up to study medicine to the Czech can enter the site of the Czech embassy in your country and find information....
good luck!

Freddie Said:

Which California community college has the cheapest tuition fees for INTERNATIONAL students?

We Answered:

The state sets the tuition for all of the community colleges in the state. So it will be the same wherever you go. You might find some differences on fees, but that's it.

So pick one that you like and try for that.

As far as where to go, it depends on what you want to study.

Lawrence Said:

On adverage How much are canadian tuition fees for international students?

We Answered:

Just like anywhere else in the world, it costs 2-3x more than local tuition.

At my mid-size university, it's $13,337 (compared to $4966 for Canadians).

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