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Ubc International Students

Charlie Said:

What are the residents of UBC(Canada) like?

We Answered:

Vanier is better than Totem!
Totem is crazy...i think they had a police car pull up in their rez for something this year =P
i don't think many international students would live in vanier or totem because they have separate rez for those students
you want to live in rez? have you applied already? because the deadline has already passed....

Curtis Said:

UBC Personal Statements?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Marcia Said:

how much it costs to live in vancouver? im moving to vancouver to study in UBC,?

We Answered:

You could rent a cheap suite for $700 or so per month near the campus, or try to make arrangements with roommates to lessen the costs. That's pretty expensive for a student though (especially if you don't work) so I'd contact UBC for a room on campus instead, since I hear it's a lot cheaper that way. The only problem is that it's a bit late and residences may have filled up already :/

Eric Said:

Canadian Citizen but American resident and prospective UBC Student?

We Answered:

Your problem is that you are not "ordinarily resident" in Canada.

A lot depends on what your residential status was in the
US. Being a a student is different from being a US resident.

Darryl Said:

Which branch of ubc would you recommend for me?

We Answered:

Hey there

Software Engineering is an option within Computer Engineering. Your degree will read 'Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering (Software Engineering Option)'

Take a look at this link for more info:…

If you have further questions, you may like to contact us at this link…

We also have a Facebook Page you can talk to us through:

All the best with your application!
Michelle @ youbc

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