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Ucas International Students

Stephen Said:

international student applying through UCAS - Where to enter IELTS scores?

We Answered:

I think it's better to take it before, because after you're accepted you'll probably be very busy with paperwork and stuff, so it's better to take that burden off you asap.

Beverly Said:

UCAS deadline question?

We Answered:

UCAS is not meant to be used by International students because you can apply directly to the universiy. If you 3want to apply through UCAS then yes it must be done by January, if you apply directly to the uni then they will have their own deadline.

The reason for this is that UK students get an offer of a place but they don't know until they get their results which uni they will be going to.

UK/EU students apply for up to 5 courses, they then recieve offers or rejections form the universities based on predicted grades.

Students have to pick one 'firm' choice and one 'insurance', usually the insurance requires slightly lower grades.
UCAS gets the students' results a day before the student does and automatically matches the place (firm / insurance) with the grade.

You don't need the offer / acceptance / wait for results for matching which is why the uni can have a much later deadline.

Darren Said:

Is it possible for an international undergrad student in the UK to switch fields after a year from law to med?

We Answered:

It is possible to switch courses in the UK, but you would have to start on a new academic year. I'm not so sure medical schools would accept you if it looked like you wasn't sure what you wanted to do - you have to be pretty keen and have done visits to hospitals etc...

Stanley Said:

International applying UCAS?

We Answered:

Hi there :)

When filling out a UCAS form, you are required to give details about your educational attainment and other personal information (full name etc). At the end of the application, you will be asked to give a 'personal statement'. This is where you ''sell yourself'' to the universities, and as far as I know, this is the only area to do so. You are not required to send any other information (essays) to the universities. If you would still like to send them, my advice would be to contact the universities' admissions services directly and ask them if it is ok to send your essay via e-mail as it would be very expensive by mail. You could also ask UCAS for their advice but, from personal experience, I know UCAS take ages to respond to questions.

Good luck in your application

Joanne x

Jill Said:

The University of Edinburgh website says that UCAS submission deadline for international students is in June!!?

We Answered:

the date of submission of applications was 15 jan 4 the students frm UK/EU countries.
the last date for international students is 30th june

Viola Said:

international student, help with UCAS/career choice?

We Answered:

Either find a uni where the entry requirements are lower or look for a course where you could do that course and then go into pharmacology afterwards. Maybe you could do biomedical science or something.

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