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Ucl International Students

Norma Said:

Do all UK universities, specifically UCL, require applying American high-school students to do full IB?

We Answered:

They prefer IB and AP too, but you can still get in without doing either. My cousin was just in the regular program, and she applied and got in. That was 2 years ago.

Geraldine Said:

Am i late for international admission?

We Answered:

Warwick and UCL may be very competitive depending on your program. Usually, people send in their application before October 15 (for Oxbridge and professional programs) or January for normal admission. Your application is very late, so I don't think Warwick and UCL will consider you. However, you may have a chance with southampton and especially City since they need more spots to be filled.

Anna Said:

Studying abroad at UCL?

We Answered:

Very selective, yes, indeed.

Kim Said:

How many points is a good score in the UCAS tariff system for the London School of Economics, Warwick, and UCL

We Answered:


Good luck!!!

Sue Said:

What are the minimum requirements for getting graduate degree into UCL ( University in london)?

We Answered:

I also want to do my Masters at UCL, the minimum requirement is a 2:1 believe. And if your an international student, then there are good English language requirements as well.

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