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Undergraduate Study Abroad

Loretta Said:

how does an undergraduate go about studying abroad in europe?

We Answered:

If you go to a UC (university of California), then studying abroad in Europe is incredibly easy. UCs are partnered with the EAP program...this program sends you to basically wherever you want, and no extra cost (except for plane ticket)...the tuition and everything is the same. In this program you get to choose which country, and which university in this country you want to travel to. Some of the universities require you to learn their native language because those colleges only offer classes in the language. But don't fret, plenty of the universities teach classes in English. Just look up the EAP website, and it will give you all the information you need. Even if you don't go to a UC, I think you still might be able to join this program...

Gwendolyn Said:

Can I study multiple languages abroad?

We Answered:

You can probably enroll in a University in either Japan or Europe then take up all 3 classes. It is possible to learn the basics of the 3 languages at the same time (I have a friend taking Russian, French and Japanese simultaneously); however, for obtaining fluency and proficiency in the language, I suggest you visit the country and immerse yourself in the culture in order to learn the language better. Maybe spend a semester abroad for each language? (<--this way can be quite expensive though).

Definitely research on Universities that offer all three languages to some degree so that you can keep up with it. Sorry I can't help you in naming which ones has those classes.

Josephine Said:

How to study abroad in Scandinavia?

We Answered:;…

Jack Said:

I'm going abroad to study (undergraduate), what should I take with me. I have two suitcase?

We Answered:

I moved abroad, and it's surprising how little you actually need. Don't take monopoly. Take a pack of cards and learn a few card games. Don't take your photo albums, scan your photos into your laptop, since you're taking that anyway. Otherwise, just take a few photos with you in a pocket-sized album. Only the minimum! You'll be grateful in the end, because you'll accumulate stuff when you're out there.

Danielle Said:

Premed who wants to study abroad after junior year?

We Answered:

The MCAT should be taken DURING the junior year, the applications should be completed at the end of the junior year or over the summer, and the senior year is the time for interviews. You can have you AMCAS completed and submitted by June 1, then you can spend the summer abroad. You can fill out supplemental applications when you return. The interviews generally begin in October and you'll be notified within a few weeks of the interview. DO NOT PASS UP ON OPPORTUNITIES LIKE THIS!!! You may even be able to make the travel arrangements for the summer of your sophomore year, or you can spend an extra year in school and tack a minor on (you'll pretty much have to for the prerequisites for med school). The travel would benefit you both as a person and as an applicant. Medical schools love well rounded and experienced applicants. For more comprehensive advice, talk to your an adviser at your college (general, departmental, premed, etc) .

Julie Said:

What are some good places to study abroad for a physics/electrical engineering major?

We Answered:

go to philippines :D

Delores Said:

Are there opportunities available to study abroad after I've finished my undergraduate degree?

We Answered:

Okay, first, it is NOT a right to get to study abroad. It is something that is...well...a privelege.

Yes, if you do a graduate degree, you can take time abroad. Sometimes even make some money from your home university as an advisor to the younger students. (depends, I'm sure, on your experience).

You could do the Peace Corps...they pay you some money...most of it at the end of your time, and you can do some other traveling then. My niece is doing it right now, and having a blast! (she does have some money and has done some traveling during her time off, too, but I understand they give you a nice chunk and most volunteers take a long trip after they are done.)

programs to facilitate working for pay? Check into ciee. There are many, and you can just do a search online, but then you need to check out the organizations you find, cause there are tons of scams out there, too. I can verify that CIEE runs an above-board organization.

Or you can just save up a bunch of money, and take some time off to do a language program in Mexico (not such a good place until this drug war situation calms some) Guatemala (also really popular) Peru or Ecuador (also really popular places). All of them are really inexpensive. Many such places for other languages, too. You would finance such an adventure BY SAVING YOUR MONEY, AND WORKING...A LOT!

What you don't seem to understand is that MOST people don't have that luxury! In fact, not everyone even has the luxury to have been able to finish a university degree. Count yourself as lucky for that! And, you can save your money and have your own adventures!

Or you can find a sugar daddy or sugar momma to pay your way.

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