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Universities In Canada For International Students

James Said:

Where is the best state/city in Canada for international students?

We Answered:

Dalhousie, in Halifax, NS has an extremely high percentage of international students. From just about everywhere too. Halifax is amazing, lots of fun.

University of Toronto is filled with lots of international students, but its the biggest school in the entire country. About 4 times the size of Dalhousie.

McGill is in Montreal, and rated as being one of the best schools in the country. It requires a very high GPA to get accepted though. It's also one of the largest schools in the country.

I personally would recommend Dalhousie.

Best of luck,


Beatrice Said:

Low cost universities in canada and the U.S for international students?

We Answered:

go to

Laura Said:

Universities which accepts international students?

We Answered:

I would suggest that many, if not all, Universities in Canada accept International Students. The best university for International Students is the University of Western Ontario. The Senior Administration has made it a priority in their Strategic Plan to recruit more International Students. Check these sites:…

I have a certain bias for UWO: I work there.

Paul Said:

does any1 know cheap universities in the uscanada for international student like 10000-1500 a year with dorm?

We Answered:

They don't exist in the U.S. -- not for International students who would have to play out-of-state fees.

Todd Said:

hey i need the cheapest university in america or canada for an international student?

We Answered:

Maybe you can start your studies at a community college for the first two years and then transfer to the university. In this way you could save money at the beginning and use it for the next years. Otherwise, 16,000/year might not be enough anywhere (does this amount include living expenses?). Try to choose a place with a good university but not so high cost of living. Good luck!

Alfred Said:

I thought university in Canada was cheaper, even for international students coming from the USA.?

We Answered:

It depends on where you go. Generally, fees are cheaper than in the US, even for foreign students. A couple of provinces (I think Quebec might be one) does not charge international students any extra at all. However, most charge "what it costs." Canadians get a break; we are subsidized through taxes.

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