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Universities In China For International Students

Ida Said:

Are there any Universities in China where the language of instruction is English? If so, which are they?

We Answered:

there probably are in hong kong or taiwan.
you will not find too many in mainland china.

i suggest doing some research or taking a course in chinese language and culture before you decide to study there. it seems kind of rediculous to go to a foreign country without taking the effort to learn about it.

Melanie Said:

Are there Grad school programs for international students that do not require a GRE score?

We Answered:

No. Go back to wherever you came from please.... this country needs less overacheiving immigrants.

Ross Said:

which brands the university student is popular in China?<Non-international brand, for example NIKE>?

We Answered:

you don't make sense

Micheal Said:

Which test is considered easier for international students, the ACT or SAT?

We Answered:

The SAT and the ACT measure different abilities. The SAT is a reasoning test covering critical reading, math aptitude through Alg II and statistics, and a written essay. The ACT assesses knowledge gained from classroom learning: general reading, English usage (grammar and sentence construction), science, and math through trigonometry. There is also an optional essay section which many colleges now require.That said, it is my opinion that the ACT might prove to be more difficult for many international students since it is reading intensive. If the international student is very fluent in the English language and has great facility reading and comprehending the written English word, then he/she might do well on the ACT. If not, it might be advisable to take the SAT instead. The choice really depends on the student learner. Another thing to consider though is that a student can take the ACT just to see how well he does. That way he can see for himself how well he can do on the ACT without penalty. The ACT allows a student to submit only the higher set of scores of the date of the test administration that he wants to send. Unlike the SAT testing history, colleges will not be able to see the scores of any other ACT test administration other than the one chosen to be submitted.

All things considered, if the international student has excellent English skills and was a high schiever in the classroom, I would advise him to take the ACT at least once to see how well he can do. If he/she is not very fluent, then the sound advice would be to take the SAT.


Erik Said:

Which universities in China/Hong Kong offer education in English for undergraduate students?

We Answered:


Linda Said:

this international student from china who works off campus told me that...?

We Answered:

First, foreign students in the US are prohibited from working off campus.
1) Complete BS.
2) Complete BS again. The IRS is separate from the USCIS so they will want taxes from her. USCIS will want to deport her.
3) Complete and utter BS.

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