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Universities In Europe For International Students

Dorothy Said:

Affordable Universities In Europe For International Students?

We Answered:

The term 'affordable' would mean different things to different people. The best thing to do is narrow down your university choices and check each one's website for the tuition and accommodation costs. Then decide if they are affordable to you personally.

Clayton Said:

What European countries have universities that cost low for international students?

We Answered:

You can study for free in Sweden!!! You only have to pay for books and the room.……

Cindy Said:

Anyone know of universities in europe that teach in english & are free/cheap for international students?

We Answered:

I'm going to guess you're not from the EU so I'll have to say there is a very slim chance with you finding a university in the English language free of cost. I'm attending Jacobs University in the fall however, and the tuition is high, but students can receive financial aid from the school. This might be a school to look into. The instruction is in English and the college is in Germany. Otherwise you'll have to look into England for universities in the English language because I promise you that you will not find any low or free of charge. I've spent the past year searching.

Good Luck!

Josephine Said:

Universities offering free tuition for international students?

We Answered:

I don't know if you have Erasmus in the States but here in Europe it's an echange program they have. Look it up on the net :-)

Bill Said:

List of free tuition colleges or free tuition universities for international students in Europe?

We Answered:

free tuition universities for international students are still there in Europe. There are undergraduate universities in Europe that offer free education. Though some free tuition schools stopped granting free education like Sweden, others are still there.

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