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Universities In Finland For International Student

Sean Said:

Am I Ivy League material? Specifically UPenn (Wharton)?

We Answered:

ha the other person is just trying to scare you..
i think you have a good chance to get into an ivy league school, but not necessarily the wharton program. you don't seem to have much buisness related activities and i think wharton takes like 50 people a year.

Robin Said:

How are my chances for an Ivy League school?

We Answered:

Nice GPA and activities =] I'd say you've got a very good chance at acceptance. What other schools were you thinking - and do you have a preference on business / econ ?

If you don't mind me asking, how on earth did you take AP Euro in three weeks ? Did you take the AP exam, and if you did, how did you score ?

Jonathan Said:

How does my resume look for an Ivy League school?

We Answered:

Your resume` is very impressive! The only thing that could be seen as a (slight) setback is the fact that you have no involvement in sports, which Ivy Leagues really like. So, to be on the safe side, consider looking at some other great public and private schools such as Stanford , Kenyon College, Johns Hopkins, Towson, Loyolla, JFK U, Boston U. Colgate.

Edit: Well, with that long list, I missed it! Your resume` is truly outstanding and I think you'll get in!

Gregory Said:

A shot at Yale or no?

We Answered:

You seem like a very well-rounded individual, who would add diversity to any campus. I'm not exactly sure what the criteria is for applying or getting accepted to Yale, but from your wrap-sheet you seem very well equipped. Give it a shot, don't hesitate or wait any longer!

I don't even know you, but I have faith in you!

Dwight Said:

Am I a good candidate for a school like Penn, Yale or Georgetown?

We Answered:

Everything looks good. I think you will definitely get some acceptance letters. Good luck.

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