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Universities In France For International Students

Tiffany Said:

Are American Universities in France considered toward immigration?

We Answered:

They should if you have a French student visa.

Henry Said:

How much is tuition for an university in France?

We Answered:

i'm not sure but i heard in certain school is not expensive sometimes free

Walter Said:

Are there 4-yr universities whose annual tuition fee for international students is 9K US$ or less?

We Answered:

Go to It has a college finder that you can select what you want in a college INCLUDING non-resident tuition in the $5,000-$9999 range.

State-supported universities are almost always cheaper than their private counterparts even when you add in non-resident tuition. Also look for the states where it is cheaper to live (think the South, the Midwest, and the cold states like North Dakota) for cheaper all around education.

Also, religiously-affilliated liberal arts colleges are often cheaper than secular colleges because they are able to draw support from churches. BYU for instance, is like $6500. But you can't drink if you go there. This does not always hold true though. Pepperdine is affilliated with the United Church of Christ and you have to go to chapel twice a week. You'll pay $30,000 for the privilege.

Joanne Said:

list of some public universities in france?

We Answered:

Hi, first thing you should know about cost is that one year university in France costs 300 to 500 euros max. For the whole year.
Quite different from the US on that level.

Living costs will depend on where you'd like to be: Paris ? South of France (Aix-Marseille)?
There are other cities with great universities, but I'm a Law student so i don't really know how good they are in French.

Paris universities are divided in faculties by number; for your subjects, Paris 3 is a top university and you will find the foreign students page there :

but you need to speak French to understand that !

living in Paris is quite expensive, a studio rent is about 400 to 600 euros a month depending on where you live.
If you are in an exchange program, you may obtain a room in your country's building at the Cité Universitaire, a very nice park where all the countries have a building to host their students in Paris.
But I know the place is hard to get.

If you need information, just ask by email the universities, but they usually have a "Guide de l'étudiant étranger" (foreign student guide)

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