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Universities In Holland For International Students

Leah Said:

Dutch and mexican wanna be able to be together, how can we??

We Answered:

Well the easiest way, but maybe not the wisest, would be to get married. Will make it easier for the other to emmigrate to the other's country.

Samuel Said:

How good is my personal statement for college?

We Answered:

One little point of criticism, it is The Hague in the Netherlands. Holland is not a country, but 2 provinces. And Den is Dutch, but Hague is English, so either Den Haag, or The Hague.

"With my degree, I will have a variety of possibilities." I would elaborate on the possibilities or state that "the degree will give me access to international organizations. Working at the UN has always been my goal." Or something like that, in your own words. I feel that using "possibilities" leaves it to open to interpretation of the reader.

I would leave this out: ""The drastic change to my life was shocking at first, but after a month or so, I fell in love with Germany. " It doesn't really contribute to the point you are making. And I would change "obsessed" with enamored or something. Obsessed is such a strong word.

I think the "SHAPE"-part shows enthusiasm, and I would leave it like that.

The music part comes on too sudden, perhaps say "Another one of my passions is music", and change the "I love traveling" to something like "As a result of the experiences in my childhood, I have a passion for travel". Just to link it to the previous passages.

I don't really like the last paragraph, I believe it is too vague. It doesn't really link the university to you. I'm thinking really hard how to rephrase it, but can't come up with anything that makes sense. If I will, I will edit it in.

Edit: Sill haven't thought of anything good. :-( This is what I've got:
My diverse interests and the broad education you provide are a very good match. I am ready for the challenge of living up to the stunning reputation of your university, just like I took on the challenges that where presented to me throughout my life. I turned those into opportunities for personal development.

(I know, it's bad, but it was the best I could do with the information I had, hopefully there is something in there you can use.)

Allan Said:

Is going to a Hogeschool (University of applied sciences) in the Netherlands a good idea?

We Answered:

Go the the classic University. It is more generally accepted./

Gary Said:

i don't know what i want and what i will become, I feel worthless?

We Answered:

OK I have a teenager who goes on and on about the same thing, we now have a plan, you can do both, but not at the same time, so work out the quickest route and allow a safety net.

A science qualification will get you a job that generally pays more when you get a job (except medicine and law) so this is what we decided. Get good enough grades at school to do a
Science degree at University. At the same time, keep up acting classes and achieve top grades in that with distinction, do this outside of school, keep the two separate. When you go to Uni, join the drama societies and continue having experience in acting. After you graduate get a job using your science degree. Save up some money. When you have some saved, take some leave from work say amonth in the summer and audition for some small parts, gradually build up some contacts and get some experience if you can. Continue your day job for as long as you have to, and maybe for ever if you don't get a big acting part that can pay you enough to house you etc.

So to start with the acting, in the UK there is LAMDA and Guildhall examinations. There are also acting schools you can attend in the holidays.

I am sure in your country there will be the same thing too. Also in your town there will be theatres where you can apply to help out, maybe with tickets, or stage handling, then you can watch and learn. Or you can contact some organisations in your country and ask their advice... I just found these on the web..... if they are not in the area you live, they might know some in your area.

So, study hard as a fall back and continue your arts interest as a hobby and see where it leads.
But do continue your studies, good luck and remember you have to walk before you can run, one foot in front of the other ....…

Address: Postbus 10239, 2501 HE The Hague

AATG is an English-speaking drama group with multinational membership in The Hague. They're very active with four productions per year including a panto, play readings and social events.

InPlayers (International Drama Group)
Address: Postbus 11437, 1001 GK Amsterdam

This is Amsterdam's oldest English-speaking theatre company. The group's distinguishing feature is its innovative approach to a broad repertoire, ranging from modern classics to musicals and Christmas pantomimes, and including original plays written by members of the group.

International Drama Group of English-Speaking Associates (IDEA)
Address: Dordrecht
Contact: Martin Smit
Tel: 0168 327 940

It has about 25 members from Ireland, English, Scotland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the US. IDEA was formed by English-speakers with a love of the 'arts' and has been active for about 10 years in Dordrecht and Drechsteden. The group produces an average of two shows a year: a typical English pantomime in January/February and a smaller show in May/June.

MAKALA French theatre group
Address: Amsterdam
Contact: Ywan
Tel: 06 2157 8952

This is a French theatre group aiming at improvisation sessions, play readings and events organisation. Non-Frenchies are more than welcome.

Studio Jean
Thomsonlaan 65, 2565 HX The Hague
Tel: 070 392 1672

Studio Jean is an international art centre in The Hague. People of many different nationalities come together to learn about art in all its forms. There's also a permanent ongoing exhibition of artwork on show in the gallery. Everyone is welcome to drop by and have a coffee and meet them. Her art lessons and workshops are for kids or adults.

Andrew Said:

Are there any universities in Holland I can still apply to as an international student from the US?

We Answered:

yes there are.

Try the university of maastricht, they're one of the good ones

Jennifer Said:

i don't know what i want and what i will become, I feel worthless?

We Answered:

its okay
im 16 and ur 15
dont worry
school is not everything
school is the smallest part of ur life
i know it is the biggest thing now but beleive it or not, it wouldn't matter if u failed at school
u may not find out what u really want to do until ur like 30 yrs old
who cares anyway?
experience everything u want to do now. do art, do science, enrol in a talent agency, do an acting course. u might end up hating acting anyway.
consider going to school overseas.
dont stress about ur future now. find out who u r and enjoy it. stress later

Ryan Said:

I'm 23 and an Aupair in Holland. I want to study here, but only have a HS Diploma. What are my options?

We Answered:

If you look at Hogeschools rather than Universities in the Netherlands then you might be able to find one that would admit you. I used to work as a student advisor for an International course, and was part of the recruitment & selection panel. The board were able to admit students on a descretionary basis based on work experience instead of academic qualifications - however you would need to show a background in the area of the course you are applying for of course. This was the exception though I have to say, because were a certificate of secondary education at A-level (with one economical subject and English), international baccalaureate, or equivalent foreign diploma. This Hogeschool is now part of the InHolland organisation so subject to diferent conditions

So it might be wise for you to call around and see if there is anything they can offer you based on your work experience as well…

The other issue is that I am not sure if you are able to make a change of immigration status whilst remaining in the country (ie changing from an Au pair visa to a student one) so you would need to check this with the IND.

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