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Universities In Japan For International Students

Marvin Said:

Is it possible to do an engineering degree in Japan using English?

We Answered:

Try these links:…………

Cindy Said:

I'm thinking about applying to the International University of Japan for an MBA, good idea?

We Answered:

I am in Japan. But I have never heard or seen such " international, attracting students from all over the world" schools in Japan. The web site or pamphlet can be elaborately made.
Waseda and Keio Univs are ok. But other Univs which emphasize "international" atmosphere are a company (not traditional Univ).

98% of the population is Japanese. People don't speak English in their daily life.
Most decent traditional Univs hold classess in Japanese. Some company gather foreign student and hold curriculum in English. But they don't care after student graduted.

You better obtain MBA in your country.

Larry Said:

What is the best international university in Japan?

We Answered:

First of all, there are few "international universities" in Japan. Some universities like ICU has "international" in its name. But it doesn't mean that they are offering classes in English.

The raking of 3 universities you are talking about is

1, Tokyo
2, Sophia
3, ICU

Tokyo University is the best one in Japan. Sophia is one of the bests. ICU is also a high ranking university.

Those 3 universities are very difficult for Japanese students to join. I don't know how you are trying to join one of those 3 but it's not so easy unless you come to the school as an exchange student.

As for your major, I think all of the 3 are offering a course like international business as it's a major subject in colleges.

Brenda Said:

Which universities in Japan offer graduate studies in English for (international) art and humanities students?

We Answered:

Information is below.

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