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Universities In Malaysia For International Students

Joann Said:

How many international students are admitted in Melbourne University each year?

We Answered:

it varies from yr to yr - 20 - 30%. locals dont compete with foerigners. separate quotas/ admission criteria. not necessary that malaysian students admitted on lower grades. but pl dont go too low. also on the course u apply. if professional courses - it will still be stringent. if non-professional then maybe lower but u wld also be competing with those fr other countries. melbourne is a nice place

Dwayne Said:

How to get financial aid or financial loan for an International Students from Malaysia?

We Answered:

Its crazy that these ppl who responded to your question said the EXACT same answers on mine!..Makes me wonder about them!!

Marie Said:

can someone please tell me any affordable universities in malaysia for international students?

We Answered:

It depends on whether you're looking for reputable universities that are internationally recognized, or just any university that barely made it through being recognized. Many colleges/institutions in Malaysia today have some partnership of sort with foreign universities to provide the study courses and earn that foreign universities' certificate. So that actually allows you to study full-time in Malaysia without the need to travel overseas.

The one affordable bachelor's degree programs that I know of are provided by Olympia College, although the foreign universities in partnership are not in world class ranking. A bachelor's degree in business was around RM30k in total 10 years ago. I'm not sure about the price now. Studying for a bachelor's degree, or Master, or PhD is never cheap. The most expensive can reach well over RM200k in total (with a world-class university).

However, I will always recommend that if you're qualified for professional qualification (such as CFA, ACCA, CIMA, CIA, CPA, etc), you should go for it. The reasons are because they are very affordable (around RM10k in total), the designation is internationally recognized, and you'll be well-equipped with specialized skills. The disadvantage is that professional qualification programs are self-study programs. Third party tuition classes are available but they will add to the total cost.

For your information, there is no world-class university from Malaysia. Malaysia's local universities are not internationally recognized. Even the best (University Malaya) continue to decline in quality and performance.

Jo Said:

Which university do you suggest in order to study IT in Malaysia for international student?

We Answered:

i would strongly recommend University Teknologi Petronas(UTP)
This year they will have about 100 final year students, and they have one of the highest statistic of second class upper and above among their graduates.
For second choice, you can apply university teknology malaysia,
the number of the final year student in IT this year is about 500, but most of results are 2.67 below.

Besides, you can also try UNITEN, they have 150 final year student this year. And they have good lecturers.

David Said:

University Sains Malaysia...(international undergraduate students) ?

We Answered:

yes it's true...i believe

Steve Said:

What is the cost of living in Malaysia for International Student?

We Answered:

depends how you want to live your life. if you want to follow local students trend, you need about RM300(about 100usd) per month. but if you want to be a bit luxurious like most international students here, RM500 should be enough.

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