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Universities In Netherlands For International Students

William Said:

help! grad school!!?

We Answered:

Wow, first off, let me commend you on your extensive resume. Very impressive.

That being said, I think your concern regarding the grades is a very valid concern. Top-notch MBA programs in the states laugh at a 3.0 GPA.

Again, that being said, with such an extensive skill-set, that could be a card that you can play in your favor. Meaning, if/when you apply to schools, make it a priority to highlight EVERYTHING about you...not just your grades. Like this:

3.0 GPA student from Holland


An international student, currently residing in the Netherlands, fluent in 4 languages, board member of student and educational committees, with experience in various abroad programs.

All of the sudden your 3.0 GPA isn't the highlight of your application.

It's not always what you say here in the's HOW you say it.

My personal opinion? You have a FANTASTIC shot at making it here...I'm not going to lie and say you will make it in to the top, top, top tier programs...but I can pretty much guarantee that you'll qualify for a "Much Better Than Average" resume doesn't hold half of your credentials, and I'm making it just fine.

btw, if you DO get turned down, do NOT hesitate to appeal their decision. Appealing should give you a chance to give a written explanation on why you think the ruling was is in this appeal letter that you can further highlight your non-educational credentials that WILL BE READ by an acceptance advisor. If you can get your story into their hands, it will give you a better chance of making it.

Juan Said:

How can I attend a University in The Netherlands?

We Answered:

Well I'm impressed with the amount of languages and any intake officer would also be pretty impressed to see that as well!

Anyway, I wasn't sure what you meant by studying in the Netherlands if you mean studhying in Dutch or in English but given that you mentioned only fluency in English then I'll assume you want to study in English (which is advisable unless you are at a near native level or high level of Dutch) However the below site also has info on studying in Dutch as well if this is what you want.

So the first step you should do is to read the info on this site as it is the site for foreign students studying in the Netherlands and pretty much has all the answers to your questions

So to answer your specific questions then

1. How to - well this is covered in great detail on the site I gave you here…

2. As a foreign and non-EEA student then the bad news is that you are going to end up paying higher study fees than a domestic or EEA student. The fees are course/institution dependant so it is best to look around at what is on offer here which is a listing of all the courses available in English… If you pick the course then it will detail the study fees

So it does cost more money, but there are also scholarships and grants available to foreign students so don't forget to check this out as well…

3. Not being familiar with this stream then I could only guess so I'll leave this and hopefully someone else can pick this up

4. Depending on which place you study, then accomodation can be really difficult to find for someone on a student budget. Some of the colleges/uni's do offer accomodation or at the very least a list of where to find accomodation. So it is def. best to utlise this option if there is the choice. Finding accomodation from abroad would be really difficult

5. If you are allowed to work or not depends on your nationality and visa but as a foreign student with a residence permit then you can work up to 10 hours per week during term-time and full-time in June, July & August. Read this for details…

6. Well make sure you arrange the immigration issues properly as you will need a student visa. You can read the details here… and

Good luck

Cody Said:

Which is the best student town in The Netherlands?

We Answered:

Well Leiden and Delft are popular student cities but also costly and difficult to get accomodation in so you would face the same issues and Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Therefore I would look towards Utrecht (still not really easy to get accomodation) but also especially Groningen which are both thriving student cities.

Bertha Said:

Translation Study in a Dutch

We Answered:

Dear Nathalie,

It is long ago that I have left the Netherlands but I remember that my brother has studied at the Universiteit van Maastricht what you are interested in. Translation from French to English.

Google "Universiteit van Maastricht" and ask them. Maastricht is a beautiful city.

Good luck and go for it!

Alex Said:

Which choice is the best in the Netherlands?

We Answered:

You gave lot of background information but did not indicate if you wanted to work in the same industry or change.

If you want to continue in the shipping industry, Erasmus is your choice.

Logistics and operations management is broader in scope and can apply to almost any industry that has logistical needs. The broadest scope is in Tilburg's program.

HAN's program focuses on Europe and if that is where you want to be, it would be a good choice.

To sum up, pick the one that matches your career ambition and talent. Good luck!


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