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Universities In New Zealand For International Students

Janice Said:

best journalism uni's in america that encourages international students?

We Answered:

best journalism is Northwestern Uni - wilmette illinois

Salvador Said:

Best University in New Zealand to study Business?

We Answered:

University of Waikato Management School (New Zealand) is the only one which made it into the top rankings in an Asia-wide survey.

Roland Said:

what is the age limit for international students to get admission in Ph.D in a New Zealand university?

We Answered:


Irene Said:

i want to study medicine in new zealand HELP?

We Answered:

Only Otago and Auckland offer medical courses. I don't know about Auckland, but in Otago you do various courses over your first year (known as "Health Science") and the best get chosen to study medicine, the rest have the option of trying to get into Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Lab Science. You can even just do something else completely - the degree structure is *extremely* flexible outside specialty degrees.

It's very expensive to be an overseas student. Looks like it's now about $21,000 for Health Science year $49k for the next two years of medicine, then $55k for the last three (though I think some of that gets covered by scholarships in year 6.)

Your costs will also be lower in Otago - Auckland is very much more expensive to live but less so. Downside is it's a bit colder.

If you're Malaysian there's a special arrangement with that government. I'd email the university and see what the situation is with your country.

Natalie Said:

Can a person holding an international student visa can apply part time job while studying in new zealand?...?

We Answered:


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