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Universities In Poland For International Students

Andy Said:

Read my Common App essay?

We Answered:

Being culturally aware is a very valuable attribute. You will be amazed when you see how diverse a college campus is. Tolerance is missing in this world, but when you are in the university environment, it's like this utopia of acceptance. I like when you mention that your skill of speaking two languages and have acquaintances all over the world “is useful in any profession”. Talk more about how you are going to contribute to the bigger picture…even after you leave with a degree. Mentioning goals and paths to success will strengthen your essay. Colleges want to see their alumni become leaders and advocates of their communities and put forth the knowledge they’ve gained to enrich the fabric of society. You are so on that track! Best of luck to you!

Glen Said:

One of my flatmates in Halls being antisocial, any suggestions?

We Answered:

I imagine the main reason for this could be because she has come from Poland, left her family and friends, is confronted with a completely new and scary situation with foreign people she doesn't know, and is feeling homesick. Maybe she is missing home so much and so confused with the new situation that she feels she can't be bothered to make an effort, as it's not what she expected and wants to go home.
Either that or she is just a genuinely anti-social person who keeps herself to herself, but I don't think this is the reason.
I think she feels different to everyone else and not as happy and enthusiastic due to being in a new place and a new situation she has never faced before.
Why don't you knock on her door one evening when it's quiet and try and get her engaged in a bit of a chat. Perhaps talk about how you feel homesick and miss your family, and see how she reacts.
If this doesn't work then there isn't a lot else you can do really - keep trying to include her in things and say hi when you can, but it's really up to her to decide when she wants to come out of her shell and start making friends.
Best of luck, enjoy University - I go in 2 weeks and can't wait! :D

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