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Universities In Spain For International Students

Rene Said:

How to apply for a scholarship in the University of Navarre?

We Answered:

I found some info about getting this scholarship online in this scholarship database -

Jeremy Said:

Where should I study abroad in Spain?

We Answered:

Most students at universities in Barcelona speak Catalan, but everybody nowadays is fluent in Spanish as well, so if the people see that you are not local and don't speak Catalan, they will speak in Spanish. However, if you are with a group of Catalan speakers, don't expect them to speak Spanish with each other only because you are in the middle.

I have met a lot of foreign students in Barcelona and I don't remember anybody who had problems with Catalan, some even took up free courses in Catalan, at least to be able to understand the lessons and understand the signs on the streets or shops, which are in Catalan.

If you choose Barcelona, Salamanca, Madrid or Granada is up to you. However if your sole goal is to learn Spanish, maybe it would be better to rule out Barcelona. But if you have other insterests, Barcelona is super.

I strongly recommend you this link…

not only the article itself but also the opinions of the readers. You will see that this subject arises opposed opinions of all sorts. It's not the same what we Catalans feel about it as people from the rest of Spain or foreigners who know Catalonia well and those who have no idea about it. Maybe you can get inspiration by reading this article.

Your last question: "How friendly are Spaniards? Are some places more welcoming of foreigners than others?"- In Barcelona and Catalonia we are more extrovert than a Swiss or a German, but much colder than the people in Granada, that's for sure. But once a Catalan offers you their friendship, that will be for ever, whereas in other parts of Spain it is more superficial: you may get to know someone who is really friendly, buys you some drink, etc, and on the following day they act as if they didn't know you.

What are the chances that a local student would introduce themself to me?" : it must be you who take the first step, we are too much accustomed to tourists and foreigners who live here.

Amber Said:

Studying in Spain - informations on how to apply for universities there?

We Answered:

Hello Julia,

You have the answer to some of your questions at

Regarding the requirements you need to fulfill to be accepted, you will have to check with each university. Follow the link below to find the contact details of the guidance services for foreign students of all the Spanish universities:

For more information you may check our web page or contact us directly.

Public sector foundation that aims to promote the Spanish university system throughout the world.

Doris Said:

How much is the annual tuition for university in Spain - for international Students?

We Answered:

It depends of the University: public or private?
but less than in Australia, New Zealand and, of course, USA.

Alan Said:

which city of Spain in better for international student?

We Answered:

In Barcelona (and rest of Catalonia), Catalan is an official language (Spanish is the other official one) and all education, including university, is held in Catalan only.

Catalan is a separate language, more similar to French, whereas Spanish is more similar to Portuguese than Catalan is.

I'm from Barcelona and Catalan speaker, so this is absolutely normal for me, but you should be aware of that.

However, I know that in some private universities there are also lessons held in English.

If your aim is to learn Spanish, apart from getting your degree in computer science, I think it will be better for you to go to Madrid.

Yes, we are happy people in Barcelona, and they are in Madrid, too.

Patrick Said:

Can some one help me find a long distance course?

We Answered:

Try the Open University

Ken Said:

I would like to go on an exchange programme to Spain for one year. Which are the good universities?

We Answered:

The University of Salamanca is especially good. I believe it's the second oldest university in all of Europe. Miguel de Unamuno went there, the famous poet. So this is probably the most immenient university in Spain. However, I studied at the University of Valenica and really loved it. Valencia is a great little city in Spain because it is not really touristy; therefore you must speak Spanish. And of course you have the beaches. Whereas, if you're in Madrid or Barcelona you could very easily create a microcosom of English-speaking friends and come away still not knowing the language. Also, Seville and Granada have universities, and are especially beautiful cities in the south of Spain. In my opinion I would stay away from Madrid and Barcelona. There are nice places, but just visit them and then leave. If you're studying Spanish you want to be tucked away in some cozy little university town, learning the language and getting to know locals. Madrid and Barcelona are international cities with McDonald's, Subway, etc. I hope this helps!

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