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Universities In Switzerland For International Students

Erik Said:

Is holding a Swiss passport considered an EU student?

We Answered:

Switzerland isn't in the EU so I doubt it!

Dave Said:

Transfer to another university? I'm lost..?

We Answered:

If you like Colby, Swarthmore and W&M, then focus on them for your applications, but also find colleges that have the things you like about those three schools, and yet are a bit easier to get into. For example, for someone who likes Colby, but might not get in, I'd have you look at Hampshire College. It's a great school, respected, has some of the vibe of a Colby, and yet is easier to get into. Then apply to those schools as well.

Your first step is to take this summer and research schools, while you also figure out what you want to do for next term/year. Start the transfer application process, and also apply for internships, jobs, volunteer work, etc, that's related to your field of interest. Apply in the US and in the EU, to maximize your chances of finding something (things have gotten tight in the recession.)

Ella Said:

Average Financial Aid packages for any of the following Universities/colleges? Please and thank you!?

We Answered:

Duke -- $27,842
Princeton -- $28,368
Brown -- $26,477
UVA -- $1898

The above schools will meet 100% of your financial need, but they determine the amount that is needed. These aid packages are mostly grants, but some percentage of it is also loans.

Jessica Said:


We Answered:

Unfortunately, even a top student at a top boarding school in the US does not have certain admission into one of the best universities in the country. However, that student has excellent chances. There are many boarding schools that have some graduates go to top schools. If your son is a hard worker and has high academic ability, he will have chances. A special talent, like a champion athlete, or outstanding musical ability, helps.

All the boarding schools I know of accept internationals. However, if you are looking for financial aid, that is difficult.

You can research US boarding schools on these websites:, and For a wealth of information and misinformation, you can read this discussion board…

Is there a certain sport he would like to play? Are there any activities he would like to pursue? Are you able to visit some schools this fall? You will need to register him to take the SSAT test, and probably the TOEFL test.

Good luck!

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