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Universities In The Uk For International Students

Brent Said:

Grades for Universities in UK? (international student)?

We Answered:

Yes, you are probably looking to a very exclusive one. There are universities like London Metropolitan University among many others in London that are not so strict at the entry level, although you might have to pass an English exam when you arrive (not complicated at all) to check that you will not be left behind because of your English.

Other option (if you do not want to lower your standards of university) is to take a different course within the good university but with lower grade of entry for one year and then once you are accepted change internally.

I really recommend you go to study abroad, is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

Good luck and dont give up...its worth it.

Christy Said:

Questions about applying to UK Universities (international student)?

We Answered:

Sorry, I think I'm gonna have to burst your bubble a bit on your grades...
UCAS divide AP classes in to two groups: group A topics are equivilent to full A-levels, whilst group Bs are only worth half. Your history classes and literature are in group A, while psychology is in B. So really, you're offering the A-level equivilent of AAB plus a B at AS. Don't get too downheartened, because this is still pretty amazing, but just realise that it's not what you once thought. You can see the tariff tables and what I mean on the UCAS website.…

An easy way to find high ranking schools for PoliSci would be to use the league tables. The Guardian and the Times, both well reputed broadsheet newspapers, offer university league tables in subjects, so you might want to go up there and examine the highest ranked ones. (I wouldn't aim for anything less than top 20 with your transcript.)……

Make sure you get the application sent off early - as soon as possible. You'll have a better chance that way. The toughest part of the application is the personal statement, as you somehow have to find the perfect balance between advertising and big-headedness. Some of the universities will point out qualities they're looking for in applicants, and you can integrate these into your statement, along with your credentials. Keep everything relevant to the course you're applying for, though.

Universities will always give precedent to foreign students for financial reasons, so you'll automatically have an advantage in the applications race.

Overall, aim for the highest you can, even Oxbridge!! You deserve it with those grades, and don't worry about the applications process. Just get to it and get that uni place :)

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bestdissertation review said:

After reading this article I am feeling relaxed. I couldn’t believe my eyes that in the UK still, some universities are there where there is no strictness of marks at entry level. It is really cool for students like me.