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Universities In Toronto For International Students

Larry Said:

Masters fees in University of Toronto for international students.?

We Answered:

The first year is estimated to be $26,414for those entering in 2010 and $29,055 for those entering in 2011.

Yes; the fees are based on the subject. I found those details on the university website in a few minutes. I don't know how you'll manage to do a masters degree in engineering if you can't find that for yourself.

Keith Said:

What is the tuition fees in American State Universities for an international non-resident student?

We Answered:

This really depends on the university. State universities are usually less expensive than private ones. International Students tend to pay between $4,000 - $16,000/per semester for American universities. Canadian universities are usually a bit less expensive than their American counterparts. Here is a good article with tuition information for the top Canadian universities:…
Good luck!

Janet Said:

how to study in University of Toronto for international student?

We Answered:

To study in Canada you need a number of things...but the most important is a student visa. You get one of these by having a letter of acceptance from a college or university....and a sponsor...someone who is willing to be responsible for you while you are here. You also need a certificate of health...a letter saying you have no criminal record....a valid passport...and a few other things...but the letter of acceptance and a sponsor are the most important. If you wish to find out more about the University of Toronto go to ....the website. It has all the information needed for international students. It is a very large university...the largest in Canada....20,000 students or more...and it teaches all discipline...and all specialties in all disciplines.

Annette Said:

what is the best university in toronto for Linux for international student?

We Answered:

just try this useful link…

Marsha Said:

For an international undergraduate student: University of Toronto or McGill University?

We Answered:

First big problem for you: neither university offers "Liberal Arts" as a degree. I'm at McGill (and from Montreal) and I'm in Humanistic Studies which is the closest equivalent, but there are differences AND they're discontinuing the program as it exists now.

The best business/management degree you can get in Quebec is at University of Sherbrooke or Concordia (John Molson School of Business). McGill does have a flashier name, but for quality of education it simply isn't up to scratch when it comes to management. It's all theory, no practice and employers do know this.

If you don't speak French, your chances of a job in Montreal are very slim. Montreal has a great scene (it's really not all French - you just have to know the neighbourhoods and you'll be able to find an amazing variety of music and performances.

It's not hard to make friends at big universities, because they all have zillions of clubs to join, and activities to participate in (especially for first-year students) - and don't forget, you'll most likely have to do group projects, especially if you're in management. The management faculty at McGill has its own fraternity (co-ed) which is apparently great.

My advice is to pick your university REALLY carefully based on what you want to study; the rest will all fall into place. You can't replace your education with a cool 'experience'. You can make that experience in whatever city you're in. Best of luck!

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