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Universities International Students

Nina Said:

what are the best universities for international students?

We Answered:

Well, as you mentioned it...being gay

I strongly suggest you do not go to any school in the south of the USA.

Other than that, if you are friendly you'll make friends anywhere.

Laurie Said:

Are international students more likely to get accepted to US universities?

We Answered:

Top Universities dont just look at the scores coz you have to admit anyone who applies to Harvard, Princeton, Wharton has to have an amazing academic record.
So sometimes admission decisions are made on personal factors like essay, recommendation, extra-curricular activities. They like to see whether that student would be a good fit for their school and what the student would bring to their class profile.
It isnt true that international students are given prefernce, it is just as tough if not more for them to break through and go through the application process and secure admission.

Jimmy Said:

UK Universities & International Students Financial Help?

We Answered:


i know about one university
York St John University where they are giving 100% scholarship for merit students.
they are giving totally 5 seats for scholarship 2 are for India.

I know one Consultancy which provides the admission is
International Learning Warehouse (Hyd & Mumbai)

Feel Free to call me 24/7

Thanking you


Veronica Said:

Do Italian Universities accept international students or give english courses?

We Answered:

A lot of them do actually, but most of the core classes of a degree will be in Italian and some electives will be in French, English and German. Why would you go to an Italian university without having a college level comprehension of Italian? If your looking to learn an other language and experience a new culture in college, go for one in a bilingual country or sate, like India, Canada, Switzerland, any Scandinavian country, etc.

good luck! buona fortuna, in bocca al lupo! :)

Ellen Said:

Why is it so easy for international students to get into Australian universities?

We Answered:

I don't think that they are lowering their standards, it's not that good to blame the quality education of a university. It's just the entrance exam is that easy. What's more important is the education system when you're "in" that university.

Kimberly Said:

question about applying for us universities for international students?

We Answered:

IELTS has very little to do with USA. It can help you in UK. In USA, TOEFL is the alternative to IELTS. For Master's course, GRE is very useful. For admission to a Bachelor's, course GRE is not required.

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