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University In Canada For International Student

Dorothy Said:

Answer about University in Canada for International Student?

We Answered:

Why would you not visit the Canadian immigration website? That is where you will find the answer to your question about studying in Canada.…

Kay Said:

Good University In Canada for International Student?

We Answered:

Come to McMaster!
We have decent varsity soccer teams at our school. If varsity's not your thing, we have soccer intramurals that take place in the fall - you can register a team or sign up as a lone player and be assigned to a team.
As Mac is in Southern Ontario, you'd be hard pressed to find a warmer place in the country.. besides parts of southern British Columbia. Remember though, you're coming to Canada. It's going to get cold wherever you go.
Mac has a good International Exchange Office, I'm dealing with them at the moment for an upcoming exchange of my own. You can find their information through the Mac website
As an international student, Mac is situated in a good place - it's only about an hour's drive south of Toronto and about an hour north of the American border. Transit in Hamilton is fairly easy once you learn the bus routes (your student card is also a bus pass). You can take buses to many different places from Hamilton. Also, getting to Toronto is an easy bus ride. From Toronto you can go all over the place.
Mac is an awesome school!
Since you're a soccer player, you should know that we have a new stadium (Ron Joyce Stadium) that just opened this September where the soccer team plays their home games.

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