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University In Germany For International Students

Pamela Said:

How do I get into school in Germany as an International Student?

We Answered:

If you apply at a German University there is a standard process for forreign applicants. You have to proove sufficient knowledge of the language. You can do so at your local "Goethe Institut", the German cultural institute (

You may have to make something like the Abitur test as German universities (esp. in Bavaria) often do not consider non-German (or even German!) school certificates as good enough. There are schools for such people which help to get the certificates you need. The university where you want to study can give you all information necessary. Note that any German university expects you to contact them in German language.

Living expenses depend on where you are. But you should consider at least 1000.- Euro per month, better a bit more and in a place like Munich definitely more. (try… which show statistics from 2003).

I recommend you contact the German embassy in you home country and also the Goethe Institut. Esp. the Goethe Institut should be able to answer most of your questions.

Feel free to contact me.

Jeffery Said:

What is name of the best university offering VLSI post-graduate courses in Germany?

We Answered:

Would be better to go to another place. Germany has forgotten how to educate people.

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