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University In Ukraine For International Student

Bruce Said:

I'm technically considered an international student, but i'm a citizen of the united states..?

We Answered:

You wouldn't be an international applicant, but you would count as out-of-state which is usually double the cost of in-state tuition (if you were to go to a college in New York. If not, then it'd be out-of-state even if you were in New York all the time). Sometimes you can qualify for in-state if your parents still own a house, pay taxes, vote, et cetera in New York but it varies and is up for the school to decide.

Anyway, colleges in the United States understand and would not expect you to be able to do things you're not actually capable of doing. When they accept you they'll look at your transcript and see if the classes you've taken in the Ukraine match up to the ones they expect from their incoming freshman. If there are some problem areas then they'll just tell you to either take a class during the summer at a community college or take the class with them when you come to study.
As for English, at your age you should already know fluent English. The only things you won't know are vocabulary words and you probably don't have much practice yet in writing proper papers. For vocabulary and reinforcement of grammar all you need to do is simply read! If you don't want to miss out on the books that are typically read in high school, here are a list of them that you could choose from:…
As for essay writing, they probably do a similar style in the Ukraine so I can't imagine you won't get any practice for it.

You should also know that this experience you're having actually looks very good to colleges. Colleges LOVE to see students with a nontraditional background and they love even more to admit them so they can boast of having a good, diverse student body. This experience you're having is going to make for a stellar college entrance essay so don't fret so much about not being able to take a "college now" course in 11th grade.

Lonnie Said:

eligibility criteria and easiest way to get the PG qualification in medicine in UK or any European country?

We Answered:

not sure

Ray Said:

Ukraine Universities?

We Answered:

Much like in Western countries, it depends. On average:

1. Ukrainian is the required language in all Ukraine since 2007, with a few exceptions. Some schools offer a "preparatory year" to study Russian and Ukrainian. Some will offer classes in "English only" to foreigners for additional tuition.

2. Tuition can range from nearly free to $14,000 USD a year. The "average" is about $2000-5000 a year depending on level of degree.

3. Depends on what city you study in, and where you live in that city. Figure on $150-300/mo for rent (1 room, shared), and food costs about 80% of US costs right now. Keep in mind that Ukrainian universities do not typically have "dorms". You will live with someone, and rent a room from them.

4. Books and fees are usually copied, or can be bought cheap. Again, it depends on the university, location, and teachers. But figure another $500 a year max.

Here's a couple examples:……

Melinda Said:

Student loan for university in another country?

We Answered:

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can use federal (FAFSA) funds to study abroad if your school is in this list:… (If it is, you can put their school code on the FAFSA.)

You can filter by country and city and see which Russian engineering schools are listed.

Jared Said:

i want to marry my fiance from Ukraine in the US?

We Answered:

I strongly suggest talking to an immigration lawyer.
I used one years ago, they do a great job and they take care of everything.

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