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University International Students

Karen Said:

Do international students get the same chance of admittance into university than native students?

We Answered:

Don't know about that. America tends to take an apologetic approach to everything international these days. Basically they feel they need to let in foreign kids over native kids when it comes down to it. Wouldn't want to seem bias towards our own people ya know?

I thought there were far too many international students when I was in school but then again I too am very bias against non Americans. I think they have a quota though.

Mike Said:

Postgraduate Degree at Kingston University for International Students?

We Answered:

There are no financial offers for international students.

You need a lot of money to study in the UK.

Charlotte Said:

Is UCA(University of Central Arkansas) a university enrolling international students espically?

We Answered:

About 5% of UCA's student body is International students (both undergraduates and graduates). UCA has an excellent psychology department. All passing grades are easily transferable to other schools. International students pay the same tuition as other Out of State students.

Delores Said:

I need your help to tell me a good US university for international students?

We Answered:

Just because a university in the US has a lot of international students, that does not mean that it's a strong university, or the best fit for you. You also have to think about your major, and the reputation of the university.

In general, though, the US universities with the largest populations of international students are:
- The New School, in NY
- Florida Institute of Technology
- University of Bridgeport, in CT
- University of Houston

But consider that most reputable US universities have fairly sizeable international student populations on campus. So it may, in fact, be better to first look at which universities are right for you, and are strong in your major; and then to look at how many international students are on campus.

For example, if you wanted to come here to study engineering, I know that a lot of international students may be at U Bridgeport, but I certainly wouldn't put that school on my list of recommendations to you.

And know that if you are to focus on universities in the larger, appealing US cities (NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, etc.), and to look at the more popular universities there (for example, in Boston: MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Northeastern) you will find sizable international populations on campus.

Note also that you may want to look at universities which are known to have extremely diverse student populations. These aren't necessarily all international students, but still, it may help to make the campus comfortable for you. So you could look at:
- Wesleyan College
- Temple U
- U Maryland College Park
- SUNY Stony Brook
- DePaul U
- U of San Francisco
- New Jersey Institute of Tech
- George Mason U
- U of Miami
- CUNY Hunter College
- Stanford
- Manhattanville College

Max Said:

Do you know any university which accepts international students after an exam for free?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, you have not paid taxes in the US and nor have your parents. So, the chance of your getting a scholarship using federal funds is very small. Your best bet would be to see which individual colleges have scholarships for international students.

Try these websites:……

You can also work on campus with an F1 visa.

Watch out for scams!

Shawn Said:

University of Zurich: For international students at United Kingdom?

We Answered:

I don't know much about the university, except that although many courses are in English, you are also required to know German and will have to take a test if you are not a native German speaker.

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