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University Preparation For International Students

Nora Said:

International Baccalaureate (IB) vs A-levels for Computer Science career?

We Answered:

I had AP(advanced placement) courses but IB was the alternative. Thinking back, IB would have been a better decision. Hope that helps!

Nelson Said:

How do I get into law school in the United States from Canada?

We Answered:

First of all, why do you want to go to California? Do you have family there, or some other clear reason why you want to go. Don't base your decision on fantasy or image - CA is neither better or worse than most other places for living, studying or working.

Next question: Have you made a firm decision to become a lawyer? Can you clearly say why. It is not unusual for high school students to change their mind.

You can check law school admission requirements of California schools' websites. Where I live (not CA), you don't go straight into law school from high school. You need to get an undergraduate (BA or BSc) degree first, with good grades. That should be your first priority, and it will take some adjustment from high school. If you are doing well as an undergraduate, then look into law school; most universities will have an office in which you can find relevant information.

Student loans are usually aimed at undergraduates. Many are administered by governments, and are given to students who live in the jurisdiction in question. In general, you will have more access to funds if you go to school in your home state or province. Also, many universities charge very high fees to non-residents - and private schools charge high fees to everyone, though you can get financial assistance from these schools.

Unless you are a US citizen, you will also need to get permission to live in the US. You should be able to get a student visa, which will allow you to live there until your program ends. After that, you have to get further permission to stay, and getting permanent residency can be difficult (something not at all unique to the States).

Bottom line: apply to universities in your home province and do your best. After two years, if you are doing well and you are still interested in law, check out law schools in CA and other places.

Aaron Said:

How can i persuade my university to refund?? it is YORK university.?

We Answered:

If you did not know the rules because you had insufficient understanding of English, there is a small possibility of a refund. However, in most parts of the world, including North America, ignorance of the law or rules is not an excuse.

Monica Said:

international teaching assistant - need advise!?

We Answered:

Yes, you worry too much. Teaching is one of those highly rated and exciting professions. It is like no other profession. As we all know, it can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be extremely challenging. There is a career planning book by V.P. Sarin for teachers- “vision revision: the teachers’ master key to career success”. Check it as it deals with similar issues in a very practical way

Dean Said:

A complex and complicated question about go US or Australia for undergraduate study.?

We Answered:


First of all... congratulations on getting such high score on your IELTS results. That is terrific!

I like Wanda's info and would like to elaborate more on her answer on Australian uni requirements, as that's the info that I know about.

I am referring to an old idioms "Where there's will, there's way". When submitting application to any Australian universities (especially the one that offers the course that you want), make sure that you attach ALL your academic documentations that you have (from Chinese high schools to the one that you are currently studying in German) with the application form (inc. your IELTS results). The international admissions centre in the university will check your qualifications and if yours are not deemed to be equivalent to the Australian Year 12 level, you will be given an advice on the pathway program that, upon successful completion of the program, will lead you to the Bachelor program that you want in the uni. One of them is what Uni of Sydney refers to as the Foundation Study program (from Wanda's link).

Another way to do it is by contacting agents that represents Australian Universities in either China or Germany. I am giving the link in Uni of Sydney as an example of the agents that they have in every country.

However I am also encouraging you to check the other universities that may offer the programs that you really want to study and have your career in. You are a smart student and I believe that you have already known what you want to do, so check the course info of the universities and see if they offer you what you want. You can check the universities in Australia that offers the course that you want to study in the online database below.

Good luck mate and welcome to Australia.

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