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Unsw International Students

Claude Said:

Missouri S&T USA, USC Viterbi USA or UNSW Australia, which is better for Masters in Petroleum Eng.?

We Answered:

You can easily compare these schools here -
It has info about them, tips to apply and students feedback - so you can compare and choose the best one for you.

Terry Said:

Monash U or UNSW?(American international student)?

We Answered:

Monash uni has a really good reputation, probably the best in australia. even if it isn't the best academically, going there will take you places.

Janice Said:

I'm study abroad student interested in studying at UNSW in Sydney,Australia and can't decide where to live?

We Answered:

Hey! I'm also studying abroad to UNSW next semester, I'll hopefully see you around.

I signed up for the Village because I know someone who just came back from the program and she said it was a great place to live. The community looks really nice and it doesn't seem to be all international students. A lot of Australians don't live on campus for school so wherever you stay, there's bound to be some international/exchange students.

I've also heard good things about Barker Apartments, but I don't know a whole lot about it.

Hope that helped!

Alma Said:

Macquarie Uni or UNSW kensington?

We Answered:

UNSW has a lot of overseas students and is closer to the city than Macquarie.

If your from South-East Asia there are a lot of Asian dining options (Chinesem singaporean and Indonesian) in Kensington. Not sure whats around Macquarie.

UNSW's career centre seems well resourced, but it is a big university and depends which field your goin in

Also UNSW is significantly closer to the Airport

Ann Said:

Studying abroad at UNSW in Sydney - where is the best place to live?

We Answered:

Definitely find a place around Bondi beach...It is such a cool area.

Check out listing under housing:

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