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Upenn International Students

Katie Said:

can international students apply to UPenn or Cornell university under early decision?

We Answered:

Yes of course. Only be aware that Penn (NOT called Upenn) and Cornell do not offer any financial aid for international students, so you would be signing a contract to go to a school where you have to pay full price.

Dolores Said:

I want to apply to Upenn Wharton as a transfer from a community college, what are my chances?

We Answered:

The positive thing is, that Wharton has a easier entrance for transfers than for students straight out of high school. I say apply. Have back ups, certainly, but apply.

Carolyn Said:

Would be at a disadvantage if I apply to Upenn as an international student?

We Answered:

check it out..but i think it would be an advantage..cause theres probably some benefits involved when you are from out of the country....just call up the school as anonymous and tell them your international and would like to know if theres any benefits as far as scholarships or what ever for that particular school.....that should get things figured out for ya...good luck ..let me know ..(oh yeah thats not true...its all within' you ..dont assume what other people have or might have ..your on top of the world baby...)wierd though that you dont have a citizenship if you here that long...but hey thats your bus...///good luck once again..

Deborah Said:

does being an international student affect your chances of getting into a college like upenn or harvard?

We Answered:

Because I'm assuming you are a US citizen and will be retaining your citizenship, you will not be considered an international student. You will be competing against other Americans for the same spot. That being said, you may have a step up on some people because you will have the international experience and something new to bring to the school which admissions offices like to see. Unfortunately for you, it will be counted in the same category as someone who is really good at a sport or president of a few clubs.

Erik Said:

Ivy league international transfer student?

We Answered:

Ivy League schools accept very few transfer students. Princeton, for example, does not accept any.

Harvard accepts about 35 per year. Penn accepts more -- but still very few. Cornell accepts more than any other Ivy League school -- but most are reserved for New York residents transferring into one of Cornell's state funded colleges.

Bottom line -- it is possible to transfer into these schools -- but it is very, very unlikely.

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